Sunday, December 31, 2006

Artful Calming Bliss

Artwork by AK-47
This is Aaron Kent. Click on the title or visit his site He is a very talented & diverse artist. He is a mountain biker & probably quite wild because he had knee & shin apparatus on his body the last I saw him. I had met him a few years ago during the Wilderness 101. Kelsi & I thought both Aaron and his friend John were really super and down to earth. Of course, they did not know what a whoopie pie was..but I did make them eat part of one. I think John wrote an article about the episode & nutrients in his dreds, but I have been unable to find.
For some odd reason, I really love this photo of him. It is blissful. Ahhh I makes me think about the New Year. I would love to find one of his Projects - 10 1/2. I wonder if I can buy one. Once I found huge one (unknown who the owner had been) across the street from my workplace. People would go peek at it and then the cops came and took it away. Was it part of a Project?

Happy Birthday to Me & Happy New Years Eve!

Another day older.............My husband actually said happy birthday this AM & went back to sleep(under my breathe I said thanks for remembering). My mom came to visit last evening for 4 hrs which is unusual to occur. She usually comes for 1 hr & has to leave for more important things. She brought food & primroses. Al's parents got me a holly. Dirt Rag forums send me a happy birthday (probably automated but it is fine). day at times comes and goes without one Happy Birthday. Oh well......I guess this year is the year for HB. New Year's Eve was here before me.

Edit: Thanks for the tons of Happy Birthdays!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas Car Breakdown

Montoursville Holiday Family Gathering - We met at my mom's and caravaned full tilt with gifts and drinks galore because we had reservations at an eatery in Muncy before going to Kyle's house. As I was driving up Fairfield Rd to get on the beltway, something went curclunk and dead power, so I pulled off the road. My one brothers called to say "hurry up" because he was going 50 in a 65. My other brother backed down the ramp and my mom was behind us. Crapola the timing belt was off and suspect a pulley to have broken off. There was four of us and car full of junk. I guess I have to take matters in my hand and call AAA - at least I have a crowd of people around my vehicle. We couldn't have been more fortunate with daylight, decent weather, other people to provide transport shuttle to go to our meal, vehicle left for Al so he had trans after car was towed, and a wonderful Saturday local tow truck man Bieber who went to another call then worked on our car so we would have it by dark...Wahooo and still enjoy opening gifts without worrying! Things couldn't have worked out better! This is one great Christmas gift!

This is my neice Kira in her Bumbo Baby Sitter - Leave her and the Bumbo chair will take care of her!:)

This is my neice Kasidy with her evil doll with malfunctioning eyes that open & close randomly and makes her cry because it doesn't work for her.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunny Blow

I had off yesterday since I am not allowed off after Christmas so I have to fit days in to others schedules to use or lose them up. As I was getting ready, Mr Tarcole buries himself for camp out in the bathroom while we do the morning ritual.
It was a beautiful 58 degree day but the wind gusts were a bit much. Hoping to avoid the gusts, I thought the little valley from Cherry Run - Poe Paddy tunnel - Havice Valley Rd would be safe. This whole area of remote forest, cabins, creeks and mountains had any eerie silence at this time of year. I saw no one not even a car on the forest rd. The tunnel always scare the crapola out of me, because there is an area that you cannot see anything. I had vision of someone scaring me and I would pee my bike shorts. I had to be brave. This did happen one time and I flipped out on the juvenile and the whole valley of summer tourists probably heard me. I did a short climb up Havice Valley Rd and was quite proud of myself. I had to turn around and save Havice Valley for another day because I had to get back for Kelsi pickup and head to the gym. She has decided to join the gym. I really don't know how this is going to work out with getting her from school to the gym and my work. It is hard enough fitting myself in to the schedule of my own life. So if anyone is going from Mbg to Lwbg at 3:15 PM please pick her up! She wants to ride her bike the ten miles but the roads are scary at that time. I was wrong the gusts were blowing from all directions, except the usual north west.

Wonderful Racing Pictures!
by Kevin Dillard

Monday, November 27, 2006

Will I learn not to wear undies?

Yesterday, the family went to Williamsport to meet with my Mom, stepfather, brothers, Keith & Kyle & his spouse and skidren at the Genetti for brunch. This is one of the greatest food feasts we enjoy. It was a beautiful day when we got home so Kelsi & I quickly got changed and went for the typical 10 mile loop. It was cool outside and I got this wicked idea that IF I WEAR UNDERWEAR WITH MY CYCLE SHORTS I COULD WEAR THEM FOR SPINNING ON TUESDAY, because of little sweat factor. I also get this uneasy feeling of being so close to my lycra padding. Also, I feel weird with no undies. Hit about 6 miles and my hoochie had abrasion. I have been scorned by Dagny for doing this but I can't stop it. Today walking & on the toilet relief are ouchy............

"Cycling shorts are always worn with no underwear. Underwear, even synthetic wicking underwear, creates seams and a vapor barrier that traps heat, bacteria and perspiration against the skin. Natural fiber underwear is a Petri dish for bacteria and friction to form. Cycling shorts are designed to be worn without any underwear, whether you are male or female".

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bah! Bloody Moody Holiday Season is approaching!

~I am in a mood today & no one is home until late. I even went to the gym for 2 hours to try and release. I want to get shopping over with for my own children and not two dozen other children & people between my family and the in-law side. I feel like I am shut off mode. I hate shopping unless I go to TJ Maxx or Target. It is a chore to shop and I really hate it. Am I selfish...I just don't have the money to spread around. Also, some of the kids get whatever they want and throw the gift aside. In-law family is unable to come to grips with drawing names. They feel offended if there are no gifts. Al can buy for his family this year. Bah humbug! I just want to kick back and relax with a few cheerful holiday drinks!
~Yesterday, I was at Penn State all day on a campus tour with Kelsi, who is dragging her feet. I wish I had a cattle prod. The # 1 crime on campus is the theft of bicycle seats. As we were leaving, we saw a cheapo bike with no seat. Somewhere there is a grave yard of seats with posts. Then stopped by Mt Nittany Wheelworks to check out bikes for Zachary. It was nice seeing and talking to Jim and Frank after several months with each sporting a beard, look alikes to GI Joe & Abe Lincoln. They are talking about getting a race together called the Stupid 50 in May, which will be majority tough trails for 50 miles in a figure 8. Of course, Chris may come up, which they are hoping he will help out planning.
~I was invited to a party in the evening and as I going out the door, I decided to stay home. I figured it was probably the safest thing to do. I have so many things coming at me and I feel overwhelmed. I feel like running away from everything but no where to go or just be by myself. What do I mean, majority of the time I am by myself!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Sanity Gain with Goals

I will put off the Cervical Discectomy & Fusion for as long as possible. I guess it is Fright & Flight. I scares the crap out (literally gives me IBS) of me but I have to keep pushing to get away from it. I am thrashing ideas & goals for myself in 2007. This is how I have to deal with my stresses in my life, including having a dying brother. I am thrashing around taking myself up to the next level. I have a Personal Trainer application on my desk at work for ponderment. I don't know if I can do it but I need to try. I wish I had someone to go at it with me and shoot for something. Dedicated volunteers ? There was a middle aged woman on the treadmill at the gym with her jiggly heiny & thighs in front of me who is going to run a marathon in 6 months. Can I do one of Chris's 100 mile races? This is what we all need to keep going like the pink energizer bunny with a fresh set of batteries.

I guess I feel like a loser with no friends. I feel so inferior when I get dreams.

Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.Author Unknown

Which is:

A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill


Life is an Adventure
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Waging wars against my body

Went to the Orthopaedic surgeon for my chronic intensity neck which has gotten worse over the years,triple billfolded in the wash this past Spring. I have been working my *^@#&$^*@ ass off getting the knees back after the surgeries and was afraid to go for my neck for months. It is a war I have with myself body mechanic blowouts to lymph wackyos, sure screw me some more!
The doctor walked in the room and said, "I hope you don't mind me looking at you but your smile looks just like my younger sister, you really resemble her." I was afraid to tell him he looked like my cousin who is a Podiatrist right down to the nose. Blood who knows, I don't want to know.
I had an Xray and the damage was confirmed. He could see what was wrong right away without ordering an MRI. I have severe Disc Degeneration Disease with prolapse on C2,C3,C4. I need to have an Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion.

I am not ready to have a fused dick neck! I'll have to deal with the neurological problems & pain for a while longer. Wage war with myself - drugs, alchohol & exercise like a "Wild Woman". We discussed - I will wait until I am in intolerable pain because I will lose ROM and this creeps me out. He rattled off a list of sports and things I should not do anymore - I drifted into a foggy tunnel and did not hear about a minute of what he was saying for fear of taking away my escape from body wars. YES, I CAN STILL DO BIKING & FENCING! I think this is because he rides bike himself & had the operation when he was 42. If you take away biking, I think it would be quite catastrophic to my life. This is my escape from pains in my body and things in life. He said when I decide, then he will order an MRI to see what additional problems may be going on besides the initial one above.. My exercise & activities have paid off for me. I do not have to go to physical therapy, because I have strength which is what is preventing muscle loss from this condition and he could tell. He thanked me for working out and maintaining an active lifestyle rather than the sedentary lifestyle of most patients, as we went out the door.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An emotional arousal not acted upon during the day to quell the arousal becomes a dream - Joe Griffin

Since I have not been able to fit in outdoor rides for the longest period of time since last winter. I think I am having withdrawal. Usually my dreams are really wacky and off the wall weird, but I have been riding a bike every day this week in my night time lala land. The one this morning I was climbing up a stoney rock trail and thought I was going to have to walk but I hammered and went up with ease. I gotta get out & ride ride ride and not just spin inside!

I guess this falls under one psychologists interpretation of dreams.

The expectation fulfilment theory of dreams - Joe Griffin, Psychologist

Griffin's expectation fulfilment theory of dreams states that:

1. Dreams are metaphorical translations of waking expectations.
2. Expectations which cause emotional arousal that is not acted upon during the day to quell the arousal, become dreams during sleep.
3. Dreaming deactivates that emotional arousal by completing the expectation pattern metaphorically, freeing the brain to respond afresh to each new day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eagles Mere Road Trip

Kelsi, Al & I went up to Eagles Mere to get away from the house. It was too cold to paint in the morning. We had to do a drive-by of my stepfather's cottage and hike around Eagles Mere Lake. This was my old hang out in the summertime years ago. Today I was really into the boat houses around the Lake & not the huge beautiful cottage mansions.

One time, many years ago, I was sled riding down an icey curvy EM road that parallels the famous Tobbogan Slide. I had to maneuver in order to avoid hitting the dock post before going out on the ice covered EM Lake. Well one time, I was out of control and I hit the dock post with my neck. Of course, I ended up in Geisinger Medical Centerfor a week. Oh well, that is probably why I am the way I am. I really hate sled riding.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Erie Anxiety takeover

Kelsi & I saw Mercyhurst $30,000 & Edinboro $10,000 Universities. Nothing about state owned universities (such as Edinboro, Indiana, Mansfield, Bloomsburg) but they give me the hebageebbees willie spookies, complete with all kinds of walks of lifeand little atmosphere or maybe I am getting more selective in my life. Mercyhurst was beautiful and 85% of the students live on campus all 4 yrs, the classes are small with trimesters and the Archaelogy Dept has a world known Anthropology Professor,the Art classes appear good. This is her first choice also...or was it the Jacobean furniture?

We also got to Presque Isle in time for the sunset.

Interstate 80 gave me anxiey and a couple of times I thought I was going to weird out, especially when Kelsi would take a pic of a huge drop off. I don't remember all those curves through the canyon abysses to China and one lane construction zones that if you got of the road, one would hit the guardrail and go down off into Never Never Land. I was sore the next day from grabbing my steering wheel on Rts 80, 79 & 90. Ahhh I am home!

Crap I am having pic upload problem errrr. Also while I was away, Zachary snuck out on his bike. When we went to the doctor I tattled on Zachary and he said KEEP OFF it for at least 3 more weeks! He is healing well but the break is still visible. I also spoke with Dr Dominick briefly. I got to the exam room and I had my zipper down while in the lobby with about 20 people.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Erie Bound in PA

Kelsi & I leave today for a 5hr trip to Erie because we have college visits with Mercyhurst & Edinboro University on Monday. Brrr at least there is no snow in the forecast, but I will feel the Lake Erie effect in the air. This is my old stomping grounds in which I had carefree wildness in my college days.

Yesterday, my nephew Ethan & son Zachary, went JR hunting and as I was leaving to go for a bike ride, their prizes caught me off guard.

Here is the fox that I almost hit, as it jumped in front of me one night. Another day I saw him in the field and made a weird noise. The fox stopped & looked at me like he never heard that sound in his lifetime. Now his lifetime is over and is road kill.

Yesterday K & I rode (22 miles rt) to the OctoberFest in Mifflinburg & met TwistedUterus there for some food eats. Beware wearing pantyhose under lycra shorts...this goes for the same reason that you do not wear underwear I didn't take any pics there.....

Friday, October 6, 2006

Spinning Sadomasochism

This week the gym started offering Spinning classes. I took my first class Monday at 6 AM & my 2nd class was Thursday eve (3 people cancelled). Spinning is a high-energy, indoor stationary cycling based group fitness program where the instructor takes you on a 'virtual' outdoor road race and a finish line. I am already signed up for two classes next week. This couldn't have come at a more appropriate time because of the sundown coming so early. I sure hope it tones & gives me endurance especially while doing the standing flats at a 80-110 rpm, which is like running and I am struggling and struggling because I swear it is a hill. I normally do not get out of the saddle in the real world because I am afraid of putting pressure on the knees but I am going to do this. I felt like I was going to fall off with either my elbows or knees giving out. I think I have too high of a resistance so I will lower it next week. I ordered a Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor because we will be training at our proper heart rate zones and not blow up or out!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Upside down sun fall turmoil

It is getting dark earlier with sunset at 6:56 PM. I went for a ride last night & before I could reach the halfway point the sun went down so fast as I kept looking west, like the North Magnetic Pole was pulling at an accelerating rate to place me in darkness. At the same time it was distressing because it was essential for me to go for a ride and placed my thought state of mind in jeopardy.

Some thoughts riding:
*What am I going to do because it is going to be dark before I get home real soon!
*Dag has to take me on a weekend ride, hopefully she will want to and able - Pine Creek Trail on a beautiful Fall Day!
*While searching for classmates over the last few days for our reunion, a fellow classmate, Jeff & I were emailing yesterday quite a bit. It makes one wonder........I think I have a "new" positive anchor. Did I miss something in high school? I hope he drops a line every now & then.
*This year I have made so many new friends (primo), each and every one of them inspire me in some sort of way - anchors in my life. Thanks for the hit on my head from my ortho doctor in 2005!
*Go to the gym and do not think about it!
*I think I need a self day off!

Good Day!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

Head On vs Tucks & Itchy Butt

A co-worker has a situation with an itchy butt this week, but today it was amplified high intensity, maybe because she had a big grackle in her house & couldn't get it out before leaving for work. It was crapping all over her kitchen & the windows, one of her dogs pooped a trail down the hallway, her brother in law also left a swirl crap for her. Here are a few comments heard:
1. "Ohhhhh I itch"(scoot scoot on the chair)
2. "I have my Head On today."
3. "What is wrong with you?" (she is walking & picking). "I have been itching all week."
4. "When I was little I used to eat shoe jelly candies which caused my itchy butt. I don't know what is doing this. Could it be all the cheese I am eating?"
5. "I could use a pipe cleaner to itch myself ohh no may bend, maybe a bottle cleaner would be sturdier."
6. "I gave you Tucks last night. Why don't you go clean?"
7. "May I borrow your Head On?" (another co worker has a headache). She not only applied to her forehead but all over her face. She goes back to her desk for 5 minutes and says, "Holy Crap my face is burning!"
8. "Oh dig dig"
9. "My bird is out now"
9. "Tucks On" "Head On" "Butt On"
10. "I itch, I burn" What about Preparation H?"
11. "I hope I don't grab the wrong one." She is holding a jar of Tucks & a tube of Head On.
12. "I have to do the "Tucks In" right now and clean up."
13. As she comes back, "That was sick, When I was cleaning I found something...yeah I think a 'roid. I wonder how I got that. I have had good poops all week."
14."Owhh I rubbed my eye." Someone said, "Your pink eye?" "Oh no, I hope I don't get one of those". "No your butt!" "You mean you didn't wash your hands after your Tucks cleaning?" "No I am not that gross." "Maybe I got Head On in my eye."

Sunday, September 10, 2006

%**Crash Son**% Laurel Classic Mountain Bike Challenge mtb

Saturday venture up to the Laurel Classic outside of Wellsboro in the Tioga State Forest, the skids were going to race - not I, because of being sick several days with large volumes of water leaving my body. Registration went smoothly, spoke with Eric who I just saw and raced the SM100 & W101. He wants to be a W101 volunteer!! Evidently the SM100 is the race that rocks from several PA residents. >
Chad rolls in at 9:45am along with his VisitPA friends Ray & Nancy, nothing like cutting it close 10am start ZTR is ready to rip he is feeling good.The skids are ready to roll out.

I head up Darling Rd Trail so I can see the riders come down & take pics.
I am anxious on the verdict of the race to see if Dagny & I can have a pacto to stick like bandaids & do it '07, of course cautiously. I see quite a few middle age people doing this so I think we can. I am getting worried early on hoping nothing happened because I saw several juniors go by and I was hoping ZTR would be in the top 3. I was worring at 11:52 (1hr 52min)Kelsi or ZTR has not gone through and I am ready with the camera. I figured if one goes down the other would stay or help the other out - I repeated this several times to myself and two other people. I headed back down to base and wait 15 min and Kelsi is coming down the road all ALONE! No Zachary! She winds through finish and says, "Didn't you hear about Zachary?" Oh crap! She said, "they had to get the ATV six wheeler to get him out of the woods and the Morris ambulance took him to the hospital". Poop! Before I knew it, someone said, we have been paging you and then a DCNR officer came up to me and said he will be ok, he has a broken collarbone & perhaps a rib or two. Officer Caldwell gathered information & his bike was here and the helmet & hydropak were still up on the mountain, which was no problem. Later Caldwell brought his stuff to the emergency room. I could pee now. I guess we can't hang out with Chad & VisitPa...
so Kelsi & I gathered items and went to Wellsboro Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital. I called Al and he was wondering if we would still get hoagies from Moose Bros in Montoursville. Heck yes, the hoagies Rule! The hospital gathers info and they take me bake to the xray area because he is having a CAT scan to check his spleen and needed to verify his allergy to shellfish (can't inject the dye). He has a cervical collar on and he says that the morphine is working really fast & his whole body is numb. I never spoke to the ER Dr because they were busy...Don't get me started they only skim the surface. Verified broken collar bone and no ribs broke, despite sticking out, just bruised & spine trauma - won't trust until I take him to SunOrtho. One thing I can't believe is that they never took off his jersey or other article of clothing. It was still zipped up to his neck. He had scraps all over his back and his scalp has bloody cuts all over & bruises but never checked or look on his head or back. Hmmmm.
ZTR recant, He was heading down the grassy pipeline at 25mph & doing really well in the race - top 5 when he hit a dip that went down and up abruptly which casue him to flip over the bars. He landed on the top of his head first which caused his face to hit his collarbone and slam on the ground about 5 ft from his bike. He said he could not move his whole body for 15 min, probably from hitting his cervical spine area. Two riders stopped and moved him off the racers path. Kelsi approached in 30 minutes & saw him laying there. She went to get the DCNR officer & stayed until help came! She was offered a ride back but opted to finish the race. What a sister!.
This AM ZTR wants to do the race nxt yr- "beautiful wonderful trails". We will go up there again between now & then & try a leisure ride..

Thursday, September 7, 2006

SM100 Shenandoah Mountain 100 Volunteer Session
CLICK ABOVE LINK for pics I took.......................below are more links. The weather cooperated for the SM100 and was beautiful. On Saturday, when Kelsi and I arrived, we started right in with getting things ready with the kitchen and filling aid station water bottles. Scott Scudmore (MORE)has a troop in the kitchen whipping up the pre/post race meals. Chit-chatted briefly with several of the riders and helpers. I met Doug & Calvin who were trying out their 1st 100 miler. Doug was a real trooper who stayed with a rider who had a reaction to a beesting. Doug's frame had broken after check #1 & arrived at the campground ready to do some grilling for several hours until his friend Calvin came in at a respectable time. Great to meet Chad's friends Ray Adams 9th(VisitPA) & Nancy Nowicki. By early evening, the cutoff of 400 riders had been met...which meant a waiting "list". At 9 PM Saturday, Chris announced there was 4 to 5 openings.
Sunday at the crack of dawn the race begins as I am on my way to Aid Station #1.
The SM100 had Trek VW sweep the podium. Big hooha to Harlan for winning the Ultra Series! The atmosphere is absolutely great for this race of organizer Chris Scott..what a feel! The riders make the field of a great event as there is quite a variety of fixes,SS,HT,FS, male, female, young, & ole young at heart - whether they hit the gong or not.

**Event recap by Sue George in CyclingNews**:
Pictures Bill McCarrick:
Pictures Jack Looney:

All in all..I was low key because I had an intestinal virus wanting to explode all the time.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Will it rain or will it go? On another note...Class Reunion. Shall I do the Laurel Classic race?

***I am trying to get this around for being outside from dark to dark at the Shenandoah 100 this Labor Day weekend as a "volunteer of sorts" with my daughter. Right now there is a flash flood watch and there is going to be heavy rain Friday. I guess we won't be doing the North River trail, because one has to cross it a dozen times. Everything is coming at me like a baseball, between here there and everywhere. I hope it all turns out well for Chris Scott. I do not know how he keeps his -"It will be ok". As of Monday, he had 350 riders registered for the race. It will be a hoot***
***MONTOURSVILLE CLASS OF 1981" will be having a 25 YR class reunion***One of my classmates has taken the lead in organizing something for us. The Original gal decided she didn't want to do it anymore so never contacted anyone to take over or ask for help - so it goes bye & bye. Luckily Andy organized a group and is donating his workplace postage meter and copier to get the invitations out to classmates. Finally got "THE untouchable LIST"(unseen for 25 yrs of the class, some of my friends need updated. It would also be nice if one had email addresses of classmates - let's get updated! I have asked for this list over the reunions since the beginning of time. Enough rant.
***My son & daughter want to do the Laurel Classic MTB race next weekend. My son seemed upset when I said I didn't think I would do it. I have been riding the road bike in ill frequency and not trails since we did the small one with Dagny weeks ago. He said. "it is only 11 miles, only 3 more than the Cat Classic...You can do it!" I dunno...another thing fo the thought locker! Six weeks ago a guy at the gym was training for the Laurel Classic and said we should get a team together for it. I mulled and murmured! Why didn't I jump on the idea and start getting in action? Lazy crazy scared butt feel like a turd in comparison to others.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

This week's coincidences

I am doing this for myself because there are times things happen or have occured when I think about them. Some are so small that they go by the wayside. I told myself I was going to keep track of some. This year I had so many of them.

1. Ryan Daniels - died May 24, 2006 and was Kelsi's friend. I had a feeling he was going to die this year. I read an obituary in January that was a Ryan and thought for a moment it was him. When I was reading about this ped accident, I knew it was him. I was thinking about him last weekend and was wondering how his parents were doing. Their names never rang a bell with me in the Lewisburg area. I was driving through Milton and I must have past the sign a tons of times. It said, Richard Daniels Podiatrist. OMG, that is Ryan's father because Kelsi said Ryan's father was near Milton. Then on Wednesday, I was reading the local paper online and Rickie Freedman was going to be a speaker on Reiki at Evangelical Hospital - his mom. Weird all this week.
2. Accident Rt 45 - AL came home early Thurs. morning and said there was an accident that had the road closed down. It was near Four Bells Church. I have seen several accidents at this intersection and near the homes along the road. Kelsi has friends that live at & others visit the one home. She has requested to go to many times with some friends this summer. I had a weird feeling everytime she asks to go with a friend (each time we were not able to take her ourselves). I do not let her ride with her friends(except BF). Do you know why she couldn't go ? "There are a lot of accidents near there and people are flying up the road and you crest the hill and they can't stop." While lying in bed after AL came home I was thinking I hope it wasn't any of Kelsi's friend going to "this house". Rt 45 is heavily traveled by people all over. Well it turns out it was Kelsi's friend and he landed in his parents yard. I bet he will wear his seat belt from now on! Of course, I had to say to Kelsi - Why is it I won't let you ride with friends to Nadar's house?
3. While at work Wed, my supervisor & I needed to call to headquarters. I made the comment the individual we needed to talk to was on vacation this week - I said it jokingly. We called and the person's voice mail stated she was indeed on vaction and would not return until next Monday.
and many more................

Thursday, August 24, 2006

College Bound Child ~ Come On!

My daughter Kelsi & I are trying to plan college visitations. She missed the SATs in the spring (she said she did not know) so she has two scheduled in the fall. If she would have had them done she could have gone to these schools and had the application fees waived and on the spot acceptance. Boy, she is not organized and I feel like a hounder all summer & little gets done. I was so excited planning for college, filling out all the info getting ready from SATs, information, being a dork at the library week after week, applying to colleges, financial aid, ets. etc. At home growing up, if you did not do something yourself, it was not going to get done Kelsi has to be booted right along, such a struggle. I think she rather be on the phone for hours, errr. Yes, she really wants to go...even jumping to the doctorate right now!

Current College choices:
James Madison University
Mercyhurst University
Edinboro University of PA
Indiana University of PA
Penn State University

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy 15th Birfday ZTR!


Many new possessions - WWII books, WWII paraphernalia(don't know what all are), Sette Flopack Hydration System, water cages, bike tool, stash sack, lycra shorts(since his have disappeared), pump, Bi-pod and many, many, more things.................
I made him Beef Pot Pie with triple batch of dough and a Texas Sheet Cake for his desires!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Blinded by the Light

It is that time of the year for blinding sun at Sundown. Use caution when driving west and the sun is at eye level. I was on my bike heading westward into the sun & could not see in front of me despite having sunglasses for 5 miles. It was a horrible dark tunnel feeling. I didn't want to think of the car drivers at my backside................................

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Squirrel Nut Zippers?

BIKE RIDE - Check pic of us HIGH FIVE!
a Went for a nice ride with Dagny and my skids, Kelsi & Zachary yesterday outback of Harry John. Yes -Whoa Hah! I made the little slightly rocky descent that I have been walking down since my last knee surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago - I really wanted to get over this compulse weird thingy. I do not know why but I would go half way down, stop my momentum and fall over on my shoulder and hit a monster ant hill at least three previous times. I slide my hoochy back and kept thinking let go of the brakes and zoom. Great for Dag she made it behind be - I couldn't let a chain reaction happen either. Half way through Zachary wanted to ride home - I think it was the 4.5 mile descent going 28 mph on gravel rode. He picked up 10 extra miles on us and was home 30 minutes before us.
On the way home had to drive through parade watchers because the the Fireman's/West End Fair parade was starting in five minutes. I asked Kelsi if she wanted to go and get candy loot so off we went back to town on our bikes. We went to her friend Jamie's house and got chairs to sit in. The kids weren't going after the candy like an attach of ants on picnic food. I had to pick up a lot of it and distribute, which = big LYCRA bendovers for all! I did through some in for moi.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Nympho & the Union County Fair

Hatching of a Cicada..............Nympho!

Went to the West End Union County Fair - Yea Hah!
Kelsi won a few prizes $$ for her artwork, as well as Dag with her various mammals of pottery. I think her pieces of art were appropriate for the fair! Great Job - I have to get a light under my arse and get some $$. The art side of me hasn't been out in a while. I could enter a restoration of woodwork or a self made item. Duane Miller did a great job on restoring a canoe and got Top Show prize in the Restoration Woodwork.

I will probably go back another evening for the entertainment of the area's people that come out of the woodwork!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Wilderness 101 ~ Coburn,PA ~ W101

Wrapped up another family volunteer session at the Wilderness 101 (3 days for me)! I live for this every year. My husband & son do the grilling. This year Zachary did a lot of riding between #5 and Coburn - Of course he wants to do the race next year. Kelsi kept track of riders up check list. Whatever happened to Ray Crew - DNS? He was there Friday night volunteering. Met DirtRag Max - excellent fella - found out he knows my bestest college friend Jen Shuster in Pittsburgh (small world). Glad to have Dagny back volunteering - #5 aid station rules - she even provided some XM 70's music. There were quite a few others I was looking for that ended up on the huge list of DNFs - heat? mechanicals? Majority of riders were looking good when they came into #5, not as many laggers, and a few crampers.
This is quite an organized production of Chris Scott. The riders, friends I have met year after year, & Chris's family are absolutely wonderful. This felt like a different group of riders than normal - many new. I think there was at least a handful of riders who usually attend did not make it. WooHoo, 1st place went to Harlan Price who seemed to be stuck in 2nd place at several races the last year or so. I was so glad to meet Kerry Combs. I hope to venture in Rothrock State Park at her suggestion. Word can't say enough..........The riders "Light Up My Life You give Me Hope"(isn't that a song?)

My pictures:

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Registration Wilderness 101 Race Prep

On Wednesday, Chris started his venture up to Central PA loaded to the hilt with everything necessary to run the Wilderness 101. I am still not sure what will be in store for Saturday ~ whatever! Later this afternoon through evening is registration and filling aid station containers. Hug! Ride a little while there and help out.

I am going to get pumped after I have my coffee and nurse my Sierra. No total fall overs last night ~ compensating. Yes, the Vet thinks she has Vestibular Syndrome but needs to see her Monday to give her scripts for motion sickness and prednisone.

I have to remember Bald Eagle maps for the riders from DCNR and some other stuff that keeps leaking from my head.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Canine Relapse ~ Vestibular Syndrome

Well yesterday I was bawling of the thought of having the Vet euthanize Sierra. I have made the decision to have the Vet come to the house if it comes to this. My husband did speak to the Vet yesterday about straps and Sleepytime. I am feeling better today since finding Vestibular Syndrome. It says that many dogs are euthanized because of this syndrome's severity and rapid onset I hope I don't insult anyone trying to self diagnose my dog. I will call the office today to see if I can give her anything and what to do. Difficult walking and keeping balance and laying in one spot. Her problems progressed to head tilt, REM eyes, not eating, drunken balance and difficulty eating. I started thinking that it was affecting both legs so it had to be something else besides the fatty tumor. All the symptoms are what she has and one should wait up to 72 hrs before seeing improvement or for testing. This Syndrome can take weeks for recovery - of course if it is just an inflammation of nerves or inner ear and not a brain tumor. She was not eating yesterday, but last evening she was eating and drinking from our hand. In order to go outside, I have a cloth LL Bean log carrier to put under her to guide her scared shaky body outside. I am told that dogs can learn to compensate and lead a normal life. I am praying this is temporary passing geriatric event. I had to sleep downstairs with her because she would somehow attempt(too dangerous) to get upstairs to be with me to sleep. She did get hit in the head by a rock one time by f***ing kids(don't let me get a hold them/probably same ones breaking windows in area & an elderly woman was hurt) in a truck which Sierra ended up in the emergency room - maybe this had some kind of haunting effect.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Melancholy apprehension ~ Sierra ~ Geriatric Dog

When I got home last last night, Sierra went to her food dish and almost fell over - caught by the wall. I took her out side and realize she could not walk on her leg with the big giant fatty tumor. Each step made her fall over to the other side and sometimes go to the ground. She did not wimper. Sierra knew she couldn't move, so I coaxed her to pee and we would come out later to poop. I had to help her to the house and made her lay down. Anxiety filled my head what if she needs to be put to LALA land! I have to go out of town this morning for work so I had anxiety galore. Do I call they vet to have her LALA'd off hours??? I wish her Vet came to the house. DO I cremate or take her body home? It would be much more relaxing for me and her. She is my side kick shadow & buddy at home. Then all of a sudden it disappeared and she was her usual self with the huge tumor. She was able to come to bed and come back downstairs. Zachary thinks she kinked something because she tries to get up really fast when I come home from work - like a bullet to the door.

I have to think more on what to do when we have to do it but so sad! She is really happy and active this morning. Flucky thingy last night!
This morning rubbing her back...