Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Microfracture Surgery Day

Arrive with Al at Evangelical Ambulatory Center prior to noon for my 2pm surgery, wait for 10 minutes, until my lightup beeper vibrator feels me.

My nurse takes me back to my cattle stall bed. I see Margy(another favorite nurse) in passing back and forth. I am given the routine of allergies, fall risk, and wait for the anesthesiologist and my othropaedic knee surgeon, Dr Furia. Heck Yeah!!! I am a Fall Risk...I have the "4 stars" and "fall risk" bands!!!! One never knows, when, you may go down.

A nurse in passing glance at me then my chart, she was chuckling and looking at my chart, "OH MY, you are a frequent flyer!" The other nurse said, Yeah, "this is her 12th visit here at Ambulatory Surgery." I was asked if I had a lot of colonoscopies and I said, I haven't had one yet. My chart is ALL BODY PARTS! body is getting thoroughly used up! It IS quite painful and sucks.

IV did not like my left hand, which I knew and I warned the nurse. I was always told that it will go in well on your dominating side. I think I have given enough gallons to know!

Anesthesiologist Don comes and goes over my chart. He is surprised also how many times I have been there.

Lull.....I get my camera out. I am not suppose to have this pesonal belonging with me. I take some pictures. Whoops...hear nurse pittering down the hall. I set off the finger beeper while trying to bend over to take a pictures. Time to behave!

Dr Furia reassures me that this surgery will not hurt as bad as the others. I was making sure if there was a need for a stronger rx than Vicodin.

Another Anesthesiologist came over and went through my chart. He is the one that will be doing the work in the OR. I think he was trying to come up with the perfect concoction based on previous surgeries. He looked at each one and I told him what I did or didn't like about each one. Ask me how I was with Tramadol and I said, "I've heard that word before."

And away I go to the OR clocked in at 13:52....feeling lalala and out go the lights.

In Recovery, slowly trying to wake up and see clock at 15:18. Cocktail was wonderful Mr Anesthesio! Knee hurt a bit and progressed, then the nurse put a shot in my IV and gave me Vicodin.

Ship me home........

Elevate Buddy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stayed tuned for the knee TRIO surgery!!

Chondral Injury

Scheduled for surgery, Wednesday, October 13 for Knee Arthroscopy, Debridement and the huge rock band.... MICROFRACTURE MICROFRACTURE! I heard his words of grade IV chondral lesion, bakers cyst, Osteochondritis Dissens (OCD), and a new knee - which he received a wide eyed, lipped NO from me! Boy, originally it was thought to be a fraying PCL ligament.....still hope not, since this is where the pain resides.

Went to Evangelical Ambulatory to get my bloodwork done. Again the nurses know me, I have been there for 5 OR procedures in the last year plus some other stuff with pain management. I get a hug and we go back. Blood drawn and EKG. The nurse was wondering why I was not to see my family doctor for clearance. The surgery nurse said that the surgeon will clear me? This could also be the reason I got in so fast before he goes away. I was told by the one nurse, "You are so funny when you are here!" Hey gotta have some humor all the way to the OR room and I usually do up until the fighting moment of lalala lando!
Hope my shoulder and neck hold up to 6-8 weeks of non-weightbearing with crutches! WAWA body falling apart!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's on my mind!

Yogurt, granola, cheese, bread, wool socks, saw frozen venison, tissues, vitamin C, cold medicine

I am going to track my progress with this MICROFRACURE. Chondral Flap of a grade 4 and pits. It sounds like a rock band.

It all started around the third week of July when my SS daughter, Kelsi came home from college and we went for a ride at RB Winter State Park. I wanted to show her the trails Dagny and I were on weeks prior. I had new SPD bike shoes and they do not ride well on top of my Time pedals. Threfore I hyperextended my foot several ties for soe reason. During this ride my spokes also were broken. I wanted to walk back to the vehicle because I did not want to damaged my wheel with thoughts of Beau Daciuos tacos. Also, my knee was immediately swelling as I walked back to the car. I love going to the woods.........