Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shoes Tell About the Type of Person or Is It The Other Way Around?

Look down........

I have really been thinking about what shoes tell about a person. My uncle was a shoe store owner/buyer/salesperson, as well as my cousin, and his brother became a Podiatrist. Oh, I was also a shoe salesperson in my Uncle's store - even starred in a commercial! No, there isn't a foot fetish here! Actually feet gross me out and toes should always be hidden! Thank God for Keen Footwear!

Here goes another confirmation that Shoes tell a story about one's self. When Kelsi and I were in Slippery Rock and we entered North Country Brewing. Kelsi held the door open for two women leaving and I entered glancing at a middle aged couple sitting at a high bar table to my left. As we were seated, Kels said, "Did you hear what that couple said?" I said, "No". I knew they were looking at us. She said, " The man said to the woman as he was looking at our shoes, "You know....Shoes really tell a lot about a person." I had on Garmont Naughty Trail shoes and Kelsi had on Keen Mary Janes. As we left the establishment, a runner coming towards us was looking down at our shoes as he went by us.

Would you rather be with someone who is cultured, artsy, outdoorsy with trail sneakers, supportive quality shoes, or hiking boots vs chic high maintenance with heels, click clanking sandals, wing tips or basketball shoes that will fall off if one tried to run. There are times when we can't buy new shoes, shoe shabby state is comfortable, transitional times into another a non typical type of shoe depending on the occasion or hobby.

One thing that is disgusting are gals wearing look-alike, sheepskin UGG boots. They are gross , no support, smell, worn heels that turn in, and need peeled off to go to bed . EeeeWH! Guys need to have laces tied and wear the right non scuffing size.....this goes hand in hand with some of the laziness facing the generation being educated right now.

Be ready to walk the extra mile at any time!