Friday, November 26, 2010


Black Friday - US
Saturday after Black Friday - International
Or a whole week or a random day

Reality Check
Recognize the Problem
The Earth suffers
Revolutionize the way you think 
Reach out to those in need               
Recycle and promote Sustainability
Reduce unnecessary spending
Reinvest your time and money
Rethink your lifestyle
Recapture the essence of giving
Reconnect with Family and Friends
~Jess Confer~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

72 Selinsgrove teacher salaries top $73,000

Speechless....When a teacher will NOT help my child when he asks for assistance after school and the teacher says, " no, I have a life after 3:00PM'. or a they state they are teaching a class that they did poorly in while in school. I soaked in the teachers at the open houses at school and not so sure about most of the teachers. I tried to look into each one but a blank within me came out. I have my regrets.

A teacher needs to shine down on our children and make education a life long pursuit of enrichment. Where is the passion to teach our children? The beam of enthusiasm has to pierce like a bolt through forward flips or even an occasional throw of a desk. It is important to have an inspiring teacher because our children are in the school system more hours a day than waking hours with their parents in a given school year. Tsk Tsk..I have no pity and this does not include their full paid health insurance, pension, and other benefits. In this small district area, this is an excess $50/hr 8hrs/5days/wk (normal work week) for only 9 months!!! If you are salary, then you are expected to do 10 hr days for the same price. Yes, summers off and certifications are minimal. Perhaps it should be tougher to get a public education degree. One better be a damn good teacher and what I have seen they are few and far between. I do have several educators in my family, so no bias here.

Pay based on merit (complex arena)- but why should a slacker teacher get paid the same as an extraordinary teacher?

A teacher should be working out of passion and not monetary pursuits.

WOW! 72 Selinsgrove teacher salaries top $73,000 (neighboring school district)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Views of my current situation

This is my ponderment view from the couch.

Went(no, I did not drive) to Big Turdles(aka Big Earls Bike Shop)to pick up a bike.  The young, rosy cheeked, menno fella knew I was going to be out of commission until next Spring/Summer.  He gave me a DVD to watch while recovering - 50 video tips to get you rolling - Ok, it is the thought that counts in his view to help me recover. Yes, I would love to see America's Landscapes......