Sunday, December 31, 2006

Artful Calming Bliss

Artwork by AK-47
This is Aaron Kent. Click on the title or visit his site He is a very talented & diverse artist. He is a mountain biker & probably quite wild because he had knee & shin apparatus on his body the last I saw him. I had met him a few years ago during the Wilderness 101. Kelsi & I thought both Aaron and his friend John were really super and down to earth. Of course, they did not know what a whoopie pie was..but I did make them eat part of one. I think John wrote an article about the episode & nutrients in his dreds, but I have been unable to find.
For some odd reason, I really love this photo of him. It is blissful. Ahhh I makes me think about the New Year. I would love to find one of his Projects - 10 1/2. I wonder if I can buy one. Once I found huge one (unknown who the owner had been) across the street from my workplace. People would go peek at it and then the cops came and took it away. Was it part of a Project?

Happy Birthday to Me & Happy New Years Eve!

Another day older.............My husband actually said happy birthday this AM & went back to sleep(under my breathe I said thanks for remembering). My mom came to visit last evening for 4 hrs which is unusual to occur. She usually comes for 1 hr & has to leave for more important things. She brought food & primroses. Al's parents got me a holly. Dirt Rag forums send me a happy birthday (probably automated but it is fine). day at times comes and goes without one Happy Birthday. Oh well......I guess this year is the year for HB. New Year's Eve was here before me.

Edit: Thanks for the tons of Happy Birthdays!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas Car Breakdown

Montoursville Holiday Family Gathering - We met at my mom's and caravaned full tilt with gifts and drinks galore because we had reservations at an eatery in Muncy before going to Kyle's house. As I was driving up Fairfield Rd to get on the beltway, something went curclunk and dead power, so I pulled off the road. My one brothers called to say "hurry up" because he was going 50 in a 65. My other brother backed down the ramp and my mom was behind us. Crapola the timing belt was off and suspect a pulley to have broken off. There was four of us and car full of junk. I guess I have to take matters in my hand and call AAA - at least I have a crowd of people around my vehicle. We couldn't have been more fortunate with daylight, decent weather, other people to provide transport shuttle to go to our meal, vehicle left for Al so he had trans after car was towed, and a wonderful Saturday local tow truck man Bieber who went to another call then worked on our car so we would have it by dark...Wahooo and still enjoy opening gifts without worrying! Things couldn't have worked out better! This is one great Christmas gift!

This is my neice Kira in her Bumbo Baby Sitter - Leave her and the Bumbo chair will take care of her!:)

This is my neice Kasidy with her evil doll with malfunctioning eyes that open & close randomly and makes her cry because it doesn't work for her.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunny Blow

I had off yesterday since I am not allowed off after Christmas so I have to fit days in to others schedules to use or lose them up. As I was getting ready, Mr Tarcole buries himself for camp out in the bathroom while we do the morning ritual.
It was a beautiful 58 degree day but the wind gusts were a bit much. Hoping to avoid the gusts, I thought the little valley from Cherry Run - Poe Paddy tunnel - Havice Valley Rd would be safe. This whole area of remote forest, cabins, creeks and mountains had any eerie silence at this time of year. I saw no one not even a car on the forest rd. The tunnel always scare the crapola out of me, because there is an area that you cannot see anything. I had vision of someone scaring me and I would pee my bike shorts. I had to be brave. This did happen one time and I flipped out on the juvenile and the whole valley of summer tourists probably heard me. I did a short climb up Havice Valley Rd and was quite proud of myself. I had to turn around and save Havice Valley for another day because I had to get back for Kelsi pickup and head to the gym. She has decided to join the gym. I really don't know how this is going to work out with getting her from school to the gym and my work. It is hard enough fitting myself in to the schedule of my own life. So if anyone is going from Mbg to Lwbg at 3:15 PM please pick her up! She wants to ride her bike the ten miles but the roads are scary at that time. I was wrong the gusts were blowing from all directions, except the usual north west.

Wonderful Racing Pictures!
by Kevin Dillard