Saturday, May 8, 2010

Loss of my beloved and humorous brother, Keith

June 2, 1964 - May 6, 2010
 My youngest brother, Kirk, summed up the events leading to Keith's deat quite well and I can't express any differently:

Kirk Bidelspacher To all - Keith was born with 3 heart defects. To have met Keith during his best years, which were most of them, you would not have known this by his appearance. He outlasted what life expectency many doctors had given him...even those of ones when he was a kid, so we are glad to have the 45 yrs we did. Despite this we are all naturally sad for our loss. And even with knowing that he had been having more and more complications particularly over the past couple of years: like congestive heart failure and receiving a pacemaker...among numerous other issues, we were all saddened further at the suddeness of his passing. We were not (and I believe not even Keith was) fully aware of how dire his most recent circumstances became as they had been masked by very recent severe back pain and perhaps a lack of consistently taking some key medications. During his pain very late on Tues 5/4, Keith had gone to the ER with our mom. While there he received painkiller shots after which he felt better. After mom returned him to his place very early morn Wed 5/5, he went to bed and never woke up. We have been told that there were no signs of distress and have first hand info that he was lying peacefully. Keith appears to have had a heart attack in his sleep. Fortunately, with the painkiller shots he was no longer able to feel the effects of one, which is what Keith would've wanted. He would've never liked to have known that he was dying. So he got his last wish and we got ours...... that he would be able to finally rest without pain.