Sunday, January 13, 2008

Williamsport to Hepburnville via Bikeway

After I put some dreaded OT in at work, I headed north to drop off Kelsi's tuned up bike at school. We decide to try the NW Williamsport bikeway . We did not go the standard route thru Wmspt. Last week there were 4 random shootings of people within a half hour outside (6 shot & 1 dead). Today, we were within a block or 2 of these occurrences and on the same st. We traveled down a notorious street for stabbings, shootings, beatings and abuse. Individuals are standing around the streets and corners. All I could think was to hammer as fast as possible from the stop sign. I justify and think they couldn't run after us because their pants would fall down. Thoughts of a moving biker gun target could put us down. I must say there were friendly hellos and driver OKs in this city. The righ along the Lycoming Creek had too many cross roads and was uneventful through the trailer dwellers. It is not something to just hop and go for a 15 mile ride - eastern section is better. Thoughts to venture to "THE LAND" next. Family owns the largest tract of land within the city limits and it is undeveloped. I am being bad and telling Kelsi we should blaze our own trails. Hmm my plan is Pussy Willow time so we can find them. Shh no one will know and we could escape the man who checks the No Trespassing land. This will require going through jungles again.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Continuation of the Polar Bear Ride

Dag, Kelsi, & I made the trek up to RB Winter State Park also known as Halfway Dam today. We had to make the 26 mile ride for the New Year in order to be complete. The conditions for us on 1/1/2008 were not favorable for us to ride. Today was quite toe chilling, yet refreshing. I still think the ride down the mountain is sooooooooo long. Ponderment for the next ride.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The 5th Annual Polar Bear Ride & Plunge

ALIVE for 2008 at The 5th Annual Polar Bear Ride & Plunge - In Memory of Bennett Sterling - Benefit the Blue Butterfly Fund.
Coverage WBRE-TV
SunGazette Williamsport
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Standard-Journal and made it to the front page hard copy.
TwistedUterus recap with our pictures. More photos!
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We had to make a call early if we were going to do the ride or not. At day break, there was rain and it had made the roads and sidewalks slick at the rain end. The sun made us want to do the ride but it was wise because the wind picked up and was quite wet with slush ice. We decide to register and just do the plunge and do our own ride Saturday to RB Winter State.
This water dip must have jiggled something in my daughter's head to make some New Year decisions - Journal entry DO NOT WANT 1/1/2008.