Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cat Classic Race ~ One more time!

It was a cool, sunny day. The kids & I raced again at the Logue Farm, north of Montoursville. At times I asked myself - "what the heck are you doing?"
It is always nice to see Nancy & Ray of VisitPa, met Matt Ferrari

(SS #1 winner). Thanks for the encouragement !
There was a team who was from Drexel U. next to us. This group despite their challenges were out for a load of barfing fun. One sported an old rigid Huffy with flat pedals. Winner Chris Eatough was a real shocker to show at this kinda local showing! Z kept saying he thought he saw him. I swear I saw Harlan with his huge sunglasses and plaid capris chit chatting. Thanks to those who lapped me and spurred encouraging words.
Kelsi got 1st & only. I got 2nd in my small field. Zachary had a huge group of under 19 hormone boys.