Friday, August 17, 2007

Exploring Harry Johns area

So, so, so pooped for some reason ! There was a lot of grass ooomping on this jont. Kels & I search some areas that were gated off. I was really a nice area riding across Winkleblech Mtn on an old logging trail. Kels spotted a neato single track but it could have been Sheesley Gap Trail. We went across Rt45 & hiked a short distance along the Transcontinental cable line path - saw some tornado damage on the south mtn but missed largest area by a shy because the sun was beating down hot. Overwhelming fatigue of the mind & body perhaps because we were shopping(loathe this activity) for the college gal in State College before our ride.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AccuWeather Attention

Jesse Ferrell of AccuWeather in State College enjoyed my Rare Set of documentation of what happens when lightning strikes. The ashen bubbles are actually fulgurites, which are found on beaches and are quite rare to see. After several emails back and forth Jesse became very interested after I asked if it was ball lighning or a plasmoid, which are associated with a nearby tornado. He states it is hard to prove but the explanation for the molten lava look was FULGURITES. This prompted him for directions how to get to this remote location (never heard of it)which I know from riding the trail up on top. Check out his blog which has prompted more investigation on the path of the Tornado from last week. Hmm

Sunday, August 12, 2007

MTB ride over the hill & through the woods

Finally.....I got to Bald Eagle SF north of 192 aroung McCall Dam to venture trails. Dag & I started & ended with some climbing & reward of a coast (for some of us) with some beautiful trails in the middle of the whoopie pie! I am ready to go again - got to plan on the next trip.

Left photo by Dag (mine was greeny) - Me PEEK PEEK
Right: By no means is she SLOW on the downhill or did she mean me at this point ?!!

The neighbor called to say there was sweet corn. Of my what a chore, we started in on the assembly line to preserve our winter feast reserve. This venture will continue tomorrow, I never got any supper tonight and I am really tired - got to get up at 4:30AM for Spinning.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lightning Strike Round Top Mountain Tornado Fulgurites

We headed up behind Harry Johns to Round Top to see if there was any damage to the trail. At the lookout, one could see damage as the tornado hop-skipped up the mountain side. We arrived at the tower to look around and saw a toppled hemlock and walked out to the power line. It looked like someone tried to set a fire with gasoline - low and behold it was a lightning strike, because creature death was instantaneous along the line & killed every little creature in its path. Little critters included frogs, shrews, beetles, crickets (including a camel cricket), ring neck mud snake, a mouse, spiders, chipmunks & who knows what else. Broken glass in the path was melted and the ashes resembled molten lava. It is really quite amazing how fast death occurred with these because they never were able to get out of the path. The rocks were split, blue scorch marks on several of the stones which enable you to see the skip pattern and furrows in the path. The view on Rt45 looks like many trees got splintered when you look up the mountainside. This is about one mile west of Harry John State Park. There is another area west of Paddy Mt Rd that looks like some trees got hit. CHECK OUT PHOTOS!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tornado slice

Picture is along Rt 45 looking north. The faint foggy ridge in the back is Round Top Mountain where we ride our mountain bikes.
It was confirmed a tornado had touch down in the eastern part of Centre county just east of Woodward. Hundreds of trees were toppled down and some cabins damaged. It is a remote area but really close at 4.5 miles to us! Lots of storms form in this area at Centre/Union county borders. I did get a weird feeling for a few minutes. Oh found this: Article mentions a flaw in our government warning system.

Tuesday - West End Fair
I entered a few photos in the Fair contest and came out with one 3rd place winner. On the other hand Kels swept away with 1st places on all of her items & even got a Best in Show!!! Dag gained more prizes this year for her entries. There were many entries that were superb but one does not know how the judging is based because one asks, "Why didn't that one get a prize?" Shall I do scherenschnitte or a fraktur for next year? Or a grundgy, ugly, primitive doll - so many of them are cutesy!
1st Place Japanese Scarecrow

BEST in Show - Watercolor

Wildermess 101 recap! I hope..............

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wilderness 101 again....

Every rider rocks my world from start to finish whether crossing the line or heading back, each one is awesome - Congrats!.
Every year I feel like a Trekkie waiting for the new Star Trek movies to open at the local theatre. It's great to see riders hit station #5. They are either weary mentally wanting to go but physically the body says no or raging strong like a bull. Where was the Red Bull this year?
This year not too many
photos were taken by me...check out Dag's ,Neil's dad BELOW link - Bob Popovich) and many others. Bob usually meets his son halfway at one of the PA races, but Neil was on his way to Canada this time. There was a local radio club at the aid stations for communications - came in handy several times! There was also local Emergeny personnel on site. Greg was the master set up & take down person and everything was smooth sailing. It is great to squeeze in a small hi to some of the riders I know and always a pleasure to see inspirational Chris and his family. Didn't get to say much to Kerry, plus I never got to ride the trail as suggested by her in Rothrock...some day! Shenandoah 100? Really missed Swampy,also Ray Adams & Nancy...are they practicing for their wedding? I see he got 2nd last weekend in a local Road race. Kels is trying to bum a ride back after the race so she can volunteer in VA and return for classes in the AM. Hmmmmm!

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