Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Body is getting thoroughly used

Whew some relief! Relief! The pain was really intense for the last two months and started many years from my shoulder to the trapezoid jaw area. I thought my neck was spewing more disc space. Zach (his ball doesn't sit in the socket right) & I went to the shoulder OS today. Kelsi went last week after she endoed in a race and my brother wrecked the other week when his pedal came off.

The injection is only temporary and it WORKED for the area of intense pain into my side of the neck !!! I have something wrong with the AC joint which will require surgery at some point. PT exercises for my neck for my cervical DDD may have irritated it. Sad to think I have an Ortho Surg for almost every joint in my body.

Many years ago, I hit the pavement running on my bike and had a direct blow to the shoulder and jaw and some MTB falls to avoid falling my fixed knees.

The FIELD was looking nice for being SHOT !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pine Creek Rail Trail

This year we decided to bypass the Tour de Shunk. On my way to get Kelsi , I had a text message from a friend 5 minutes before the start saying, "Help Me, I am in this alone - What am I doing?" Kels and I went to Pine Creek Trail and rode 54 miles - from White Tail Access to Hilborn Fields. For some odd reason, this ride hurt, because there was no variety in motion. There was resistance on the wet, crushed limestone and wind gusts making it difficult to go over 13 mph. On the way back, the butt and neck hurt sooo bad which entailed the vertical hands free ride back.
It was quite a beautiful ride with ease but at the same time whooped our sore saddle buttsides worse than any ride or race that we can remember.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Negro Hollow Trail

Today, my venture started from home, up Stone, Bartley and Buffalo Mts and around the fields home - 25 mile day!

How the trail got its name - not sure?! It has changed on the DCNR maps from Nigger Hollow Trail to Negro Hollow Trail in 2000. Porcupines chomped on the sign , but will it be replaced with terms more appropriate to this day? This is the first place I hit three months after my ACL/meniscus surgery years ago. Tons of massive mud holes - of course LEAVE NO TRACE and ride through them!
What's the purpose of these markers found going down the mountain?