Monday, October 22, 2007

Kids shouldn't play with matches!!!

On the way home from work, I was thinking about my neighbor's barn fire (Eric Snook)about 5 years ago. My kids always tell me not to think about things because they come true. I wasn't home long and Al yells, "John Snook's house is on fire!" We all hop in the truck and go and take the back farm road. Thank goodness it is not John's home. It is the barn north across Weikert Rd. Evidently there were kids in there with matches and boof ignition on the hay! John ran inside to pull the hay fork out. Good thing he did because there was a young girl stuck up in the loft. He made her jump down to him because she couldn't get down on her own. I hear the boy was hiding out back by a tree.........Uh Oh BAD Kids!!!!!

Local Cyclist Injured

Adam Kahler is a Former Bucknell University Cycling Team rider and was most likely enjoying the weekend at Bucknell University's Homecoming 2007 in Lewisburg, PA. He was also on the 2007 WBI Investments Cycling Team powered by LIV Natural.

Bicyclist hit by car
By Rob Scott The Daily Item MILTON -- A 22-year-old man suffered a severe spinal injury when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle along Route 405 at 4:15 p.m. Sunday, authorities said. Adam Kahler, of Millmont, was riding his bike south near Robbins Marine in West Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County, along with 19-year-old Jeffrey Salvitti and 21-year-old Michael Chauner, both of West Chester, when he was struck by Betty Hackenberg, 82, of Winfield, while she was driving south in her Chrysler Cirrus, according to state police at Milton. The collision forced Mr. Kahler's bike to strike Mr. Salvitti and Mr. Chauner, a report said. A helicopter landed in a nearby parking lot and took Mr. Kahler to Geisinger Medical Center, Danville. His condition was unavailable Sunday night. Mr. Salvitti and Mr. Chauner suffered minor injuries and were not taken to a hospital. Ms. Hackenberg was uninjured. State police were assisted at the scene by the Milton Fire Department. Traffic had to be directed around the scene of the accident for several minutes while officers gathered information. The accident is still under investigation, police said.
Photo by Kevin Mertz/Standard Journal

I met Adam last year on a hot summer evening when I was out riding my mountain bike and he was on a recovery ride after racing. I thought, boy this young fella is really friendly!! He is a roadie who smiles and waves to you passing opposite ways on many occassions. One of the few in this area who ride and an inspiration so young. He had praised me for getting my kids into riding. This summer I had not seen him and wonder where life has taken him after Bucknell. I wish him strength in his recovery. Smile.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Day Off as tag along with Dag. Plans for a ride fizzled with the morning damp rain. She had to get her B&W proofs at Hoyers (looks the same as in my years alive) and run some errands. It was soooooo nice not having to be somewhere or do something today.

These lovely MENTAL hats caught our attention. Last weekend we decided we need some sort of bike helmet cover for the NYC 5 Boro ride or even the Fanny Brrr Polar Ride at the crack of 2008. There are MENTAL HATS which are ski or multi helmet covers. I really like the ones that you can bend different ways.

We made our way to the Headquarters of Mr Sticky for lunch and dessert. One of their sticky buns is a necessity at the local fairs where we live. The temptation was there to get a half dozen to take home. We were good and split ONE!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mood Thoughts

Aaah....Nice ride Sunday on Weikert Run up Penns Creek mountain and across Hen Step Trail and shoot down Route 235. Got home 5 minutes before the turkey was done in the oven!!

I want to go away somewhere - Calgone man...take me away?

There are some really dumb people in this world...I EAT DUMB PEOPLE...stop & observe!

I often wonder how life would have been if.....

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Looking forward to whatever Twisteruterus has up her sleeve next week when her friends come to town.

I hope I don't break down at work like last month..I get beat to a piece of orange pulp.

I wish there was an endless stream of money so I could donate, volunteer, travel and do whatever my heart would desire on a given day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tour de Shunk Results Recap

Email received by the event Director...........I will provide because there is very little on this worthwhile event.
This year we had another successful Tour de Shunk. The weather was sunny, light wind and a brisk temperature of 50 at the start, warming up to 61 in the afternoon. Great conditions for riding a bike. Every year I like to share some statistics about the ride with the participants and friends of the Tour de Shunk, they are as follows:
182 registered riders plus 6 registered no-shows
158 male riders, 24 female riders
Average male rider was 47 years old
Average female rider was 39 years old
Youngest rider was 12 and there were 3 of them. All 3 did 50 miles on BMX style bikes!
Oldest rider was Lance at 68, he did 100 miles. Lance was our second oldest rider a couple times in the past - he always seemed disappointed when I told him there was someone older - it goes to show that persistence pays off.
140 riders came from Pennsylvania. The other 42 riders came from NY, MA, RI, VA, DE, MD, NJ, IN, CT and TX.
The rider that traveled the farthest to ride was Charles from San Antonio, TX.
About 150 riders completed the full 100 miles.
We had a couple of bike breakdowns, one of note was the tandem bike ridden by John Proctor. Proctor's seat post tightening screw snapped. Proctor's breakdown occurred just outside the town of Proctor. Coincidence?
The first riders finished the 100 mile course in 5hr 13mins - this was Doug Carlson and another rider but I did not get his name.
Overall we collected $5,165 in registration fees and raised about $5,300 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. My goal every year is to get enough sponsorship to cover the cost of the event so that all registration fees make it to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I will update everyone later with the exact amount once I get all the expenses finalized and the donation made. Not bad for a Sunday ride in NE PA.
Thanks again to all the sponsors, volunteers, and of course the riders for making this a great day.

Greg White
Tour De Shunk Event Director
Endless Mountains Cycling Club
RR 2, Box 301 A-2
Mehoopany, PA 18629
Work Phone (570) 746-3000 x7378
Home Phone (570) 833-4261
Fax (570) 746-6349


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tour de Shunk

The 9th Annual Tour De Shunk Century, 100 mile fully supported ride through the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. RECAP RESULTS. Local newspaper article.with 25 and 50 mile options. Voted "Most Challenging Century Ride" by the League of American Bicyclists. Event benefits Peloton Projects - LA LiveStrong. There were options for 25, 50, and 100 mile course ventures. ZTR did 100(my Giant), Kels did 50(10 spd Fuji), and I did 25(GF mtn bike). As a minority gal and bike with body issues of pins and needles numbness through my left arm/hand(all night)and my foot. There were three "roadie" guys I rode with back and forth. I wanted to get back so bad that I blazed the last few miles past them to get back first. Actually, I was really tired hammering away on the road. This course is really an accomplishment, no matter which course you take, even the 50 - turn around REtackle Wheeler Mtn again! There were all ages levels especially in the older bracket and was quite amazing! Fastest time was 5 hrs 13 minutes by two individuals.

Below, my kids Kelsi and Zachary finishing the 50 mile and 100 mile loops.
Totally cool Rocky's Bicycle Shop hosted the event with contains just about anything, Bikes, Paintball, Skateboards, Clothing and Hobby stuff. There is a BMX and skateboard area - like a low budget Woodward Camp - great for the kids of this remote area of PA which scores the coldest temperatures (in AM Lopez area had frost).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2007 SM100

The kids & I went to VA for volunteering duties at The 9th Annual Shenandoah Mountain 100.
Photos by Karin & Zach (short video clip) & links to others are below.
Floyd assuming the roadie position.
Slated as painful and fast from the start by many eyes. Did Floyd Landis create the high levels of adrenaline to flow through the mountains?

Video by Z to Tillman Rd CP1

Harlan held his #2 as natural occurrence.

The kids were out on a rescue operation since late morning on top of Wolfe Ridge and made it back at 5PM. The EMTs took along Harlan's sister, John (Timing), my kids, Kelsi & Zachary to assist taking the flat board several miles to the road. Hope all is well with Tim.

New course records were set by both the 1st place men & women .
1 Jeff Schalk (Trek / VW) 7.06.13
1 Sue Haywood (Trek / VW) 8.12.36

As more info becomes available, such as results, I will post.

Results are up

Photos Bob Popovich!

CyclingNews - Recap & Photos!

Photos taken by me & my son Z. Gwadzilla tiddly wink rants on 9/3, 9/4, 9/5 - Cool urban cycling photos

Friday, August 17, 2007

Exploring Harry Johns area

So, so, so pooped for some reason ! There was a lot of grass ooomping on this jont. Kels & I search some areas that were gated off. I was really a nice area riding across Winkleblech Mtn on an old logging trail. Kels spotted a neato single track but it could have been Sheesley Gap Trail. We went across Rt45 & hiked a short distance along the Transcontinental cable line path - saw some tornado damage on the south mtn but missed largest area by a shy because the sun was beating down hot. Overwhelming fatigue of the mind & body perhaps because we were shopping(loathe this activity) for the college gal in State College before our ride.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AccuWeather Attention

Jesse Ferrell of AccuWeather in State College enjoyed my Rare Set of documentation of what happens when lightning strikes. The ashen bubbles are actually fulgurites, which are found on beaches and are quite rare to see. After several emails back and forth Jesse became very interested after I asked if it was ball lighning or a plasmoid, which are associated with a nearby tornado. He states it is hard to prove but the explanation for the molten lava look was FULGURITES. This prompted him for directions how to get to this remote location (never heard of it)which I know from riding the trail up on top. Check out his blog which has prompted more investigation on the path of the Tornado from last week. Hmm

Sunday, August 12, 2007

MTB ride over the hill & through the woods

Finally.....I got to Bald Eagle SF north of 192 aroung McCall Dam to venture trails. Dag & I started & ended with some climbing & reward of a coast (for some of us) with some beautiful trails in the middle of the whoopie pie! I am ready to go again - got to plan on the next trip.

Left photo by Dag (mine was greeny) - Me PEEK PEEK
Right: By no means is she SLOW on the downhill or did she mean me at this point ?!!

The neighbor called to say there was sweet corn. Of my what a chore, we started in on the assembly line to preserve our winter feast reserve. This venture will continue tomorrow, I never got any supper tonight and I am really tired - got to get up at 4:30AM for Spinning.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lightning Strike Round Top Mountain Tornado Fulgurites

We headed up behind Harry Johns to Round Top to see if there was any damage to the trail. At the lookout, one could see damage as the tornado hop-skipped up the mountain side. We arrived at the tower to look around and saw a toppled hemlock and walked out to the power line. It looked like someone tried to set a fire with gasoline - low and behold it was a lightning strike, because creature death was instantaneous along the line & killed every little creature in its path. Little critters included frogs, shrews, beetles, crickets (including a camel cricket), ring neck mud snake, a mouse, spiders, chipmunks & who knows what else. Broken glass in the path was melted and the ashes resembled molten lava. It is really quite amazing how fast death occurred with these because they never were able to get out of the path. The rocks were split, blue scorch marks on several of the stones which enable you to see the skip pattern and furrows in the path. The view on Rt45 looks like many trees got splintered when you look up the mountainside. This is about one mile west of Harry John State Park. There is another area west of Paddy Mt Rd that looks like some trees got hit. CHECK OUT PHOTOS!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tornado slice

Picture is along Rt 45 looking north. The faint foggy ridge in the back is Round Top Mountain where we ride our mountain bikes.
It was confirmed a tornado had touch down in the eastern part of Centre county just east of Woodward. Hundreds of trees were toppled down and some cabins damaged. It is a remote area but really close at 4.5 miles to us! Lots of storms form in this area at Centre/Union county borders. I did get a weird feeling for a few minutes. Oh found this: Article mentions a flaw in our government warning system.

Tuesday - West End Fair
I entered a few photos in the Fair contest and came out with one 3rd place winner. On the other hand Kels swept away with 1st places on all of her items & even got a Best in Show!!! Dag gained more prizes this year for her entries. There were many entries that were superb but one does not know how the judging is based because one asks, "Why didn't that one get a prize?" Shall I do scherenschnitte or a fraktur for next year? Or a grundgy, ugly, primitive doll - so many of them are cutesy!
1st Place Japanese Scarecrow

BEST in Show - Watercolor

Wildermess 101 recap! I hope..............

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wilderness 101 again....

Every rider rocks my world from start to finish whether crossing the line or heading back, each one is awesome - Congrats!.
Every year I feel like a Trekkie waiting for the new Star Trek movies to open at the local theatre. It's great to see riders hit station #5. They are either weary mentally wanting to go but physically the body says no or raging strong like a bull. Where was the Red Bull this year?
This year not too many
photos were taken by me...check out Dag's ,Neil's dad BELOW link - Bob Popovich) and many others. Bob usually meets his son halfway at one of the PA races, but Neil was on his way to Canada this time. There was a local radio club at the aid stations for communications - came in handy several times! There was also local Emergeny personnel on site. Greg was the master set up & take down person and everything was smooth sailing. It is great to squeeze in a small hi to some of the riders I know and always a pleasure to see inspirational Chris and his family. Didn't get to say much to Kerry, plus I never got to ride the trail as suggested by her in Rothrock...some day! Shenandoah 100? Really missed Swampy,also Ray Adams & Nancy...are they practicing for their wedding? I see he got 2nd last weekend in a local Road race. Kels is trying to bum a ride back after the race so she can volunteer in VA and return for classes in the AM. Hmmmmm!

Here are some great recaps & excellent photos!
Cycling News
Kerry - IF
Bob's Photogallery
Wes Cheney Portfolio

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pittsburgh departure via Amtrak

Headed to Lewistown today so the kids could take an Amtrak train to Pittsburgh to visit my brother & sister in law for a week. We decided it would be more thrilling for them to take the train rather than me drive out and back in a weekend.

On their way........ Trips are planned for them to see The Andy Warhol Museum & Carnegie Mellon Science Center.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My cousin & son (I don't know what cousin he would be to me) in Vietnam on a Cyclo Ride. It would be nice to be carted around on occassion or in Vietnam.

My knee has swollen again and I could hardly walk yesterday. I have to take two Aleve & one extra strength Tylenol to give me the same benefits of Celebrex. My stomach should go haywire in a couple of days!!! Today swelling has gone done a little so it can bend. There is a clunk click on the walking movement. Blah nah.........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ride to gather wood

Al left early in the AM to cut some wood up the mountain. I said I would ride out and help him load the trailer. Whew.. it was 4.5 miles of continuous climbing up Stone Mtn. from Rt45, but felt fine. Helped get a full trailer load of wood. I rode home and it was a killer downhill - almost bit a hole in my lip from the hand & arm pain to the panic of not being able to slow down or stop. I beat the vehicle by about 3 minutes because he was couldn't go over 15mph. Trip was 16.5 miles and 1308ft climbing. Feels good to slip riding in with the wood chore. I went home, got some food and headed back out for some more wood but I didn't bike this time. DCNR stopped to check our permit & the fella heard I rode a bike up earlier and he wanted to make sure I wear a helmet. He said that his sister died in a cycling accident and was not wearing a helmet.
I am a firm believer in the helmet. It's sad to see irresponsible adults allowing their kids to ride without one. It should be instilled in the child's mind from the time they get their first bike.
There were 4 recent deaths of children already this year in the area that did not have a bike helmet on:

1. Jersey Shore - Suzan Marie Frock-Walter, 11, May 16
2. Orangeville - Paul Troiani, 15, June 18
3. Williamsport - Damian McCartney, 12, June 26.
4. New Berlin - Garry Ivankin, 10, July 17 still under investigation.

Not to say a helmet would have saved them but one never knows. The driver of the deadly coffin is also the one who has to be aware on the road.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Ole Eagles Mere

Did not have my camera & settings were wrong on borrowed camera

The kids & I got up early and loaded our bikes for Eagles Mere. There was an Antique Show on the Green which we wanted to check out which is part of a past ritual. Of course we needed to combine the trip and explore. We visited Uncle Rob & Aunt Elaine, Eric A & Richard in the Park and caught up on news. Tuck has to get the electricity on so we can spend some time in the cottage. The 100th anniversary of the water carnival is coming up and conflicts with the W101 - the kids are split on where to go. We wanted to explore someplace new. I was told that the Rainbow Falls are on private ground now so can't go there. Rode to the pond at the southeast area of EM lake and went to Eagles Mere Conservancy cabin and proceeded on the old road which went into a nice path. All EM paths are marked NO BIKES, but this one had a gate and it said no motorized vehicles, so... We rode around until we looped back to the beach and saw an obvious mtbr with 3 kidos and another adult. I asked where they were going - Loyalsock Canyon Vista trail! I asked if we could tag along....He gave us directions on a trail which ran parallel the private road to Rainbow Falls then headed Northwest to get to fire road marker 14 & turn right at marker 20 to the LT, so we could go ahead of them.

The trail was absolutely "sweet" with a little bit of everything - single track, double track, fire road, technical, logs & wildlife. The lookout was a great reward to this little exploration of new trails.....thanks to mtb fella !!! It overlooks the Loyalsock Creek at Worlds End State Park. His kidos asked if we were going to the "rock garden" of rock outcrops 15ft high. I guess we will save that for another day because there are some waterfalls nearby also. We headed back up to Eagles Mere - oh beautiful...this will be great for a fall day and bring DAG along.

We got back to EM beach a little too late to play volleyball. Strike one up on Uncle Rob!!! He absolutely couldn't believe where we just rode our bikes. He even repeatedly asked in detail landmarks to make sure we were at the right outlook??? He said, "Man you guys must be in really good shape, that must be at least a 12 mile ride on a bike through the woods".

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Water on the Knee

I remember hearing this term many years ago, "Water on the Knee" or "Tap the Knee Keg" Today I had my followup to my series of Synvisc shots. During the past month, I have been having some pain & fullness riding and unable to get full flexion on the rotation, which caused a toe drop on the upswing.
Dr D (orthopaedic surdeon) walked in the room half bent over and mumbling, "Helllllllaahhhh". He proceeded to tell me he was really hurting after falling off his bike this morning. Poor fella...just wanted to do a little whining to me, which is fine anytime. Two male maneuvers in an intersection collide and pride will not allow one to get off and walk.
He jiggled my knee cap around, "whoa there is a lot of fluid". I needed an aspiration of the knee, injection of cortisone, & an injection of pain killer. The pain of the suction was not as bad as the Synvisc injections. I wonder if some of my Syvisc got sucked out??? No activity for 48 hrs - not even walking - elevate & ice. If not better in six weeks come back...otherwise cancel if all is well.....what a guy ahh!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Oh yeah.....nice weekend

Dag & I started the day early on our bikes with a mountain climb. At the mtn top view, we stopped for some snacks. Conversations ended and it was time to leave when a crappy old brown van with a stout cell phone talker pulls off the road. I was joking when I said, "he probably wants to throw us in the back of the van. We headed out and this guy kept trying to talk to Dag as we head up the mountain again. Well....there is a Mountain Church Rd not far from our turn around. Check out her recap of the encounter with "The Chaplain" & our ride - WHO really knows his intentions!

After we winded our way back down, we rode over to see the second RR tunnel and the idea for another ride someday. Our rounds ended with a generous individual container of homemade blueberry cobbler made by Dag...mmm

On Saturday I had to go north to get Kels who was staying at my mom's house. I strapped on my bike so I could show her the way to Wmspt
I hadn't done this in 25yrs and some areas have changed. Whew! Urban riding is so stressful to me. I showed her some places around town. Also, stopped in an ethnic clothing store and the gentleman behind the counter made a comment about our rugged bikes. He rides his bike to work at the store.

Man: You have some pretty aggressive bikes for jumping the curbs & pot holes. I really like to be out riding my bike around town.
K: Yes
Hesitantly because we have our mountain bikes.
Man: I am fine with my French racing bike.
It was an old vintage FreeSpirit from the late 70s.
K: It doesn't matter what you have. At least you are out riding.
Man: You really have to be careful out there. I fell and hurt my shin the other day. I never heard of your brand of bikes - Iron Horse & Gary Fisher. Never heard of that guy. So you rode all the way from Montoursville and have to go back now? Wow.
K: Yes, we thought we would ride into town so my daughter knew the way to ride here. We usually ride in the mountains.
Man: What? You mean.... (put his arms out like a mtbr hopping)Oh I would never make it out there. I would be dead.
K: I think if I had to ride in town like this I would be dead!

Two individuals different in color, lifestyles, bikes, riding familiarity and not knowing about the other side...share a bond and love for riding.

On the way home we explored Canfield Island near the Susquehanna River and enjoyed the paths. Took us away from Urbania for a moment!

I need to hit some trails....It has been some time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I just slept for 8.5 hrs.......It has been a while. I had overwheming anxiety for weeks with so many things to get done. I skipped Fencing class last night so I could go to bed early.
The last couple of weeks were like whirlwinds. My daughter graduated from high school on Friday. She graduated as a "Honors Student".
We had a big party for her on Saturday and sooooo glad to see everyone! A variety of family & friends came from my cousin who lives in DC to a friend of my brother who became a friend of my daughter stayed until 11 PM. I knew Chris from VA could not make it but he still left a wonderful message on the phone for her at noon. We had a 1/4 keg of nonalchoholic Birch Beer for the kids. There was so much of a variety of food to stuff our faces. A few family members said our place was going to be the designated "party place".
Yesterday, I started my new responsibilities at work. My supervisor retired. He also acted as a go between or GM with corporate to answer questions for individuals. I got hit a few times already. Are people really so helpless?!! Our office lacks any HR or GM and my office is a target. The corner is looking good for my desk. I have been in training for 5 months and not sure if I can retain all there is to be done. I am half-a** (IT & facilities) moved at work which was to occur 3 weeks ago. Of course, I never got a raise to be doing my new responsibilities of someone making $15,000 plus more than me. Despite, I can say, "I have my own office".
I had to take a day off to attend K's college orientaion at Lyco today. Al will go solo tomorrow because I have too much work.
I had shot #3 of weekly series of Synvisc injections(injected directly into the knee joint to restore the cushioning and lubricating properties of normal joint fluid). I almost broke the needle off with a quick jerk because the needle hit the back of my kneecap. It hurt like a motherf*$#*&. Surgery is out of the question right now - I hope to buy a year of time. I told Dr D, if I can't ride then it was like the end of the world. The knee was not bending well to clip into the pedal. His comment was "keep on biking" - best exercise for you to do!!!

I feel really uneasy because I have not been able to get outside to ride. Only able to fit Spinning classes into the schedule. I snuck a ride in on Memorial Day. I had to turn Dag down on Sunday, which was really hard to do. I had way too much to do. The time will come.....!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cat Classic Race ~ One more time!

It was a cool, sunny day. The kids & I raced again at the Logue Farm, north of Montoursville. At times I asked myself - "what the heck are you doing?"
It is always nice to see Nancy & Ray of VisitPa, met Matt Ferrari

(SS #1 winner). Thanks for the encouragement !
There was a team who was from Drexel U. next to us. This group despite their challenges were out for a load of barfing fun. One sported an old rigid Huffy with flat pedals. Winner Chris Eatough was a real shocker to show at this kinda local showing! Z kept saying he thought he saw him. I swear I saw Harlan with his huge sunglasses and plaid capris chit chatting. Thanks to those who lapped me and spurred encouraging words.
Kelsi got 1st & only. I got 2nd in my small field. Zachary had a huge group of under 19 hormone boys.