Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ChainButt Cycle Artwork

Anyone need any mountain or road bike artwork ? There are some details too small to read or see unless you Check out her stuff. and enlarge the pictures.Roadie one HAHA!! All whipped up by my daughter who rides a Surly SS named LOCO. She is working on TEAM CHAINBUTT Flag and shirt??? for NYC this weekend.
All photos owned by ©KLR08

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bike for Bob & Sunshine

The day turned out quite nice. I dread to see the photo Nancy took of me eating a donut with three shirts tucked under my shirt and water bottle in the back of my jersey. She thought I was nine months pregnant! Aaaah shoot me......... We met up with Dagny and cruised right along. So many of my favorite people in one day - Dagny, Dr Dominick, Liz, Mark (roadie Big Earl's - I rode with last Thursday for a bit) and Ray and Nancy of VisitPa mountain bike team. The later two were just in town for the weekend and were just riding past. They were returning from the Runners Roost in Sunbury and saw them again on departure from the Arts Festival. A wonderful friendly two..... I seem to bump into them all over PA or VA or somewhere or some bike function. I think I zoned out on the way back enjoying the ride and woke up to reality

Here we come ChainWheel Butts to NYC next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ride with Roadies - What the heck!

I walked in the shop to pick up a brochure and I hear this "Hi, Karin". Mennonite Earl who by winter rides a single speed and by break of weather rides a geared bike to show the roadies what he has got. I had joked around with the previous mennonite owner that I bet "they" could whoop some butt against some roadies.

I was scared to go on this ride with "the start of a club" from Big Earl's Bike Shop including Earl himself on a geared bike. I almost whimpered out to the last second. Met up with my kids for a little bit who rode 12 miles from home. Zach went back tracked for Kelsi because she had already gone about 50plus miles on her SS.

Tonight we went 22 miles and average 15 mph in an hour and a half. "The roadie men" went 29 miles in a little and I mean a little more time avg. just under 20mph. The pack ripped away on Swengel Road and so there was us. I must say this was the probably the most I used the functions on my bike. Michelle was feeling it. She had ran 5 miles, taught a Climbing Spinning class and personal trained three people today. Also, the first on her road bike this year. Oh did I mention I was on my GF Mountain Bike. If they have a slower paced group next time I may do it

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Road Trip to NYC

Perfect day in New York City and the company of Janelle and Dagny made it so fine. Trip is just getting us ready for the next one? I now have a couple of places I would like to go or return visit. We ate at Yogee Noodle Restaurant in ChinaTown. Dagny & I had Seafood Noodle Soup with a not so sure item in it. A fish ball or tofu? Anyone know what that white ball is in my soup? Janelle had Spring rolls and shrimp fried rice. We topped it off with dessert at Laboratorio de Gelato.

Fashion Flash !!!! Mumu floral tops and dresses, black leggings, skin tight cigarette jeans are the "in style". I do have black cycling tights which I could pull off a unique style.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stoopid 50 in Rothrock State is a Go!

The 2nd Stoopid 50 is set to go and is part of the 2008 Mid Atlantic SuperSeries. Fun weekend gathering of riders in Rothrock State near State College.

Kelsi blasted out several drawings of a Stoopid 50 man doing the the "Hike a Bike" section. Thebike went from singlespeed to an adult tricycle. Now he has signage blowing out his backside on the registration...quite fitting !

I believe we will be helping out Chris Scott of SMT for this event. Kels would love to ride but.......

Last night, Dag and I went for a west end ride on some forest roads. Daylight to sundown was utilized on such a beautiful day. We have to plan for the next ride in the forest after the next couple of weekend events - Bike for Bob April 26 and the Commerce Bank Five Boro Bike Tour on May 4. My glutes hurt...from fencing?

WhewHooo going to New York City this weekend. Thanks Dag!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pedal Biker

I saved a gallon of gas riding to the point where usually take my bike to ride.

Got a wave from a hind Harley Rider traveling in a bunch roar. Found out it was someone I knew. Did he recognise my rear? I have found that a cyclist are referred to as "Pedal Biker" by this group. I wonder who came first to get the name of a BIKER, the Gas Hog Bike or the Human Pedal Bike.

Lost people in the twisting menagerie of Penns Creek through Union Snyder & Centre Counties. These are walkers wondering around, families on bikes with flat tires, kayaks and their lost shuttles. I even thought of doing the shuttle service with their own vehicle for a fee. It will indeed save gas and miles of another driver. I will have to start carrying a map. This happens frequently to outsiders traveling miles to get to a point out here. This weekend it will be full of fishermen.

I even took my bike into the bathroom at Poe Paddy Station #5 of the Wilderness 101. Creepies around.

Get home and husband and son were ready to go find me because I was gone several hours - or were they hungry for supper? I had a black dirt snot wipe from the tip of my nose to my ear. I had to check out the nice soft fleece on the thumb of my gloves.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Face the Wind

I picked up Zachary on the way home from work. He rode his bike to school in the AM but signaled for a ride and didn't want to face a headwind for 13 miles. I got home and changed, started out without my helmet and a low tire and did the full turn around home. It was windy. A quick storm passed and left a full pot of gold rainbow. I decide to make it a mission to take a picture of a barn, so headed out again. It started to get really dark outside and I didn't have my blinker. I got blazed by the slick snot Bucknellian roadies. There was a fierce head wind for the last five miles with stingy wetness. The wind was cutting me back and forth, so I had to clip out because I thought I was going over. Ahhhh..finally got home and soaking wet. The temperature had dropped 12 degrees, but nice while it was here.