Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stoopid 50 MTB race

Stoopid 50 weekend. The flora carpet of the Mountain Laurel and shrill of Cicadas gave it a flare. Kelsi made a new logo for it since the first one from last year was hmmmmm. It was on the many inside and outside banners, pint glass, but the only T-shirt were hand done as a last minute request by Chris. Someone had a picture taken next to the guy in the banner. One of the custom Tshirts went to the winner, lovely pink one was for Aaron Aid Station Master, and one for Kelsi. She had many requests for it at the aid station tent and around with willingness to pay for it.They may become available but really there is no profit margin there. We'll see. I had a cut off fella to drive back and he asked what the finishers prize was - I said it was a pint glass with the Stoopid Guy. He was bummed he didn't finished and wanted to buy one. It was a great group helping including Quick Fix Joe.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Life Is Good

Yes it friend Dagny gave me a sticker with a Mtb biker Life is Good. I normally do not allow ANY stickers on my car, but this is what I enjoy! If I could ride all day, it would be because of various well being reasons. When I bought my vehicle new, the dealer was not allowed to put any dealership name anywhere on the vehicle or on the license trace. I did not even allow a West Branch Fencers Club sticker. I think this is my life and sanity...thanks Dagny! We will ride on...Thank You for being you!