Monday, February 26, 2007

(: Sick Monday Snow :)

Yah know what? I decided to stay home today. I haven't stayed home because of a illness in years & years. I usually drag myself to the dedication of work but today a combo of things make it ideal.

1. I have a crappy cold.
2. I need to work attached to my supervisor's shoulder for 8 hours & I do not think he would appreciate a hacking, snot nosed girl with a pile of used tissues necessary to catch the dripping trail, then running to get rid of goobers.
3. It snowed, so I probably would have to back up the girl who doesn't feel like coming to work in the snow & then I have to have a crappy day doing 2 people's jobs and busting my butt. This is a big reason I stayed home Valentine's Day. No one appreciates it.

I shoveled the snow so the kids could get to the bus stop area. It snowed about 4 inches which was more than I thought we were to have over night. I skipped Spinning this AM but I think I should go to Fencing class since I missed last week with the kids being sick.

I found this site that you can look at local TOPO maps on different scales - it has lured me in for over an hour. This is giving me some ideas of some mtb riding or hiking for a nice day.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Zone Out

I went out last night with my friend DaTwistedUterus to The Towne Tavern - see her pictures & from last night . I debated because I was not feeling well but on the other hand I needed to get out after the last few days & I wanted to see her friends The Blind Chitlin Kahunas. These guys were truly great if you like blues. Her friend Joel the drummer is the brother of a "brief childhood encounter friend" of mine. I also saw him 27 yrs ago play for the Sue Bloom Band in Williamsport. Whoa feel old! Dag takes unique artistic pictures of the band with her massive black stallion of a camera. Variety of folk from college age to who knows at the bar. I sure hope the one guy in the red North Face jacket made it home - struggle wobble back & forth walk 15 ft to the door. I had to get a shower when I got home. I can't believe I used to get in bed after a night out smelling like the pits of smokers staleness. Light a fire under my butt I'll have to do it again.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Pits of Disrespect

One night this week my kids verbally attacked me. I love my kids but this week they are so disrespectful of me that it makes me sad. They say that I don't do anything for them which I do everything I can and maybe too much. I ask them again and again to do things for weeks & weeks - maybe I should start screaming & insist on instantaneous results. I don't let them do anything. I let them participate as much as possible within my power. I only have so much $$$ & time.
I have made small mumbles on other things through the week when someone from home calls me at work & by the time Friday came around, I was glad to hear my supervisor say, "How would your family ever survive without you?" I said I don't think they can. On Tuesday I said, I feel like leaving home sometimes because things can't get done without asking about "where's the milk?" This has led to the comment I made Friday to my husband. I have requested dish help or put away clean clothes & does not get done. Only small things. I still have to clean out the cat poop & litter because no one else will do it. TP roll. I am a nag if I ask. My family does not know what a real B**** is like. There are people so demanding that something has to be done right away or it is a crisis. I tend to be lax.
Recent comments I have heard of other relatives or co workers.
"It's not my job to shovel the snow"
"I don't do yard work"
"My car needs an oil change and it is up to my husband to take care of my car"
"I want him to take me out to eat"
"I don't want to cook"
"He needs to fix the ceiling TODAY!"
"I stand at the kids lockers and make sure they take all the books home"
"I make the teachers email the homework to me and the kids have to sit for at least an hour doing work"
"My kids do chores every day"

Whoa - my family doesn't know how good they have it. I was brought up to be self sufficient and don't rely on others to get things done. I think some individuals are spoiled brats!
Ranting a bit....
My morale is really low & sad. I was always taught to show respect & appreciate what people do for you. I rarely get a thanks.I think I have lost something.......

Friday, February 16, 2007

Does my cut need stitches?

I was trying to see what the bottom bracket looked like on my Johnny G Spinner Pro Bike. Freaking 43lb flywheel started taking off at the same time my finger was getting sucked slowly into the bracket Once those pedals start going with centrifugal acceleration you can't stop it. I could not get my other arm around to stop the spin. It went a revolution or so with my finger stuck. There was blood gushing a trail everywhere in the house and on me - crap there's a gap across the palm side bend in my index finger. I can move it so no tendon damage. My son immediately got the first aid supplies & eagerly wrapped me up. I put a bra on because I thoughts were to the ER. Dang! It is cold & I want to stay home and do not feel like driving 45 RT miles & who knows how much time we'll be there. The bandage wrap was totally saturated again within five minutes. We were getting ready to go to the ER & I said, "Let's check it out again". It was starting to close a smidgin, but still bloody. I am not going.....I will be at the gym at the hospital in the AM if I decide otherwise. Do I need stitches? NO
VD exchange of words:
Him: "Happy Valentines Day"
Moi: "Happy Valentines Day"
Him: "I didn't buy you anything"
Moi: "Fine....I didn't buy you anything either"