Monday, June 19, 2006

The Call of my hero went by the wayside

I checked the SMT website to see if Shady P Motor had any updates on what the enthusiastic busy beaver has been doing. Since he is my life inspiration and hero, even the smallest thing gives me a jump start and smile of calm. Of course, this inspiration thing has been heading on down the human chain this year. I had a woman tap me on the shoulder in the gym Friday & tell me I was a real inspiration. Oh well, it is all because of my dear friend, Chris Scott. The thanks go out to him. His enthusiasm has helped me with my outlook towards life & the choices one makes and making the best of every situation.
As for the updates, I was so saddened(jumping to conclusions)this morning because he was in State College Saturday riding trails & making adjustments to the 101 course. Oh well, he is an "on the go fella" and I respect him. My low was short lived for 5 minutes. WAIT! Kelsi and I were on a road ride Saturday along Ranck Rd near Millmont, my phone was beeping like I had a message. I ignored it because my Mother has a habit of calling Saturdays and leaving messages that I rarely listen to or call her back. I listened to the message this morning, it was Chris calling to see what was "shaking" and to let us know he was in town. He was taking the chain saw out to Little Poe and the Fisherman's Path. Crap Crap Crap crazy whining ass lady at work - I could have saved him a trip to the path because it is clear. If only my legs could swing around at the knees and kick my butt. If I hadn't been a flat headed socket eyed red rimmed bitch butt head & didn't wait two days to answer the message. The whole family would have dropped everything to help him clear the trails. I sure hope he didn't sleep on a picnic table & indeed proceeded on to D.C. I am going to have to get him a detail map because this was not the first time he was so close on one of his pass through jounts. My faith in him lives on because of the little message. Thanks for being you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The washer is dead !

I smelled something hot or burning on Sunday when I took my mattress pad out of the washer. Al said, "it was the washer". He kept saying it is going to die. I went in denial because I had it over 20 yrs. Sooooo, yesterday I had a message on my voicemail, "The washer is dead -we need a new one". Crap - of course it will be up to me to decide. I really hate shopping for things. I want a huge honk ass one with a couple of settings - simple. I don't need all these dial setting for silk or permanent press which reminds me on my Nana's polyester pant setting.
By this weekend, the sweaty smelly gym clothes may get moldy by Saturday. The hamper is flowing with materials and it is only Tuesday. I will resist the laundromat.
First look at one, the GE Appliances 4.0 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Washer & white is fine because no one will see it in the gloomy basement. Any suggestion?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Weather Rock was not swaying

We were planning to ride up to Negro Hollow but my husband blasted his negativeness, "it's too muddy, you better not go up there"! Of course that would make it better. The trail is muddy even at the end of a drought summer. Last weekend after graduation, some Mifflinburg HS students tried to take their Jeep on the trail and got stuck in one of the water holes which cover the hood of the Jeep and flowed inside, so it must be really "muddy". Good experience for them. We'll wait a couple of weeks - SAVVY!
~~~~~savvy - the cognitive condition of someone who understands; "he has virtually no understanding of social cause and effect"~~~~
So we decided to ride our bikes up Cherry Run Rd, left on Old Mingle Rd,which is a climb up to the Primitive Campsites near Lick Hollow Rd, traveled down the great descent, my hands were really tired from gripping the brakes, to beautiful Fisherman's path and proceeded to the railroad grade at ended at the Weather Rock at Ingleby made by some Loco ? drunks, the Road is even called Weather Rock Dr. Of course, we had to reverse out ride to the car parked at Weikert Rd. Back home to plant some veggie plants, including brussel sprouts, from Brush Valley greenhouse.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Encourage Cycling for All

What ever happened to the kids riding bikes to school and riding around for adventures? This was the mode of transportation when I was growing up through college. My husband's first married Christmas gift from me was a FUJI (back in the 80's), which he had to use at times to ride to work. Cycling can be a spin for a couple of blocks to the stress reliever of miles and miles of nowhereland. Experts say over 60% of people are inactive. I think it is much higher when I compare myself to others in a typical day.
Over the last year, I have really enjoyed biking for a number of reasons and inspirations of individuals. It is like a spread of joyful butter. At times, I think something is wrong with me because I have spent more money on cycling stuff in 2006 than food or everyday clothing. I am always looking at a new jersey but can't find one. I think there needs to be better designers. I guess it is because I have to also spread this joy of cycling to my kids and get them something every now and then. I try to encourage people to get out and ride even if it is a little spin for a couple of blocks. In the last week people come up to me when the subject of biking touches them.
A friend of mine went out with her husband and small son and was so proud to tell me - This is a real accomplishment to go a mile because it only happens about once or twice a yr or two.
At the gym, there was a fella that looked like he should ride a SS. One of the trainers, Kira and I talk to Ken. Somehow we got talking & behold he rides geared mtbs, it is weird that one can sniff these people out. He would be a great volunteer for the Wilderness 101 and has a nice personality (most mtb riders do. He raced at Michaux a few weeks ago so he was mixed in with some good riders and did not know it. I encouraged Kira the next day to ask Ken to ride together on a trail because she is itching to go ride "with someone". On Friday, she told me she asked him if he would take her on an easy trail ride and he said yes. He may have to go out of town, but I hope this works out for a new riding friendship!!! These are two wonderful people I hope are adding to the cycling bank.
This week my kids wanted an ice cream cone. I was not getting in the car to drive ten miles for one. Guess what ~ we mounted the bikes and road to Popeye's Ice Cream. I am glad my kids don't hymn holler about it. I hope they grow up and ride through their lives. I have decided that if I need only one or two items at the little town store I will have to ride the five miles. Local yard sales were a few weeks ago and my daughter & I rode around 12 miles checking out yard sales and tooting around.
Doesn't everyone have a bike stashed away somewhere collecting dust?

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Why Oh Why did you die ?

This has been troubling for over a week and I guess I need to get it out. A dear friend of my daughter Kelsi, Ryan Daniels ended his life in front of an eighteen wheeler last week on Route 15. It really troubles me as to Why Oh Why! I really wish I could have given him a big awful hug! This young man would call Kelsi every month or so just to chat about anything from advice about girls to the vegan appetite. I can still hear his voice (it reminded me of a surfer dude)when Kelsi would pick up the phone and it always brought a smile to my face when I heard him, "Heeeeeeey Keeeelsi!". He was never afraid to leave a message on our phone for her to call him back. I sure to Hell hope those phone numbers(did not recognize)on my caller id list were not from him over the last several months. It is so gut wretching and sad because this young man had talent on a variety of topics. His obituary was really neato because it made you know him a little better. I will stick his life in my internal body pocket & carry it with me for the rest of my memory life. It will open up every now because the memory is with me forever.
Rest in Peace Ryan & May Your Voice Bring Music.
His Life Story in The Daily Item: