Monday, May 26, 2008

Beware of Shiny red maroon Goldwing motorcycle with sidecar

I was riding back from Stitzer Gap and was on route 235 residential area. I hear a high shrill beeeeeeeeeep beep beeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeep beeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep with about 10 more as it was passing me. Freaking scared the crap out of me. Ignorant SOB.....I shook my fist up into the sky at him and he returned. Big freaking a-hole If anyone knows someone who rode through Laurelton on a RedMaroon Goldwingish and who cares motorcycle with a sidecar about 2PM on this lovely Memorial day, they know one inconsiderate SOB and he does not deserve to be on the road! No helmets dah! It is butts like him that puts crimps in life. I hope his ride gets rammed up his crack where the lord split him! Not to mention he was speeding at least 15 mph over the limit. Good thing I detoured because if I caught up with him there could have been some exchanges.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a load

Early today we cruised into Laurelton for some yard sales and an auction. I was able to take a few photos of old barn structures in the backyards. Kels pick up some items which she in turn had to ride home with them. She had 2 Norfolk pines in her bag and a 5 foot catfish. I had 4 pewter candlesticks. Amazing ride around for 19 miles.

Yesterday we checked out the Water Authority. It was a lot of climbing on the route choice (13 miles). No wonder George and Michelle excel in racing in this training playground. It is a beautiful place and there are so many off shoot spurs that we had to turn around at the reservoir because we encountered our third three way split on new excavated trails/roads. The ravens were a sign and a time restriction.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Belated Mom's Day Gift

Made with ♥ or at least I think because it was a labor of love for hours. I really like ugly and bizarre dolls and this is what I lovely.

Body - made from linen, stuffing consists of pantyhose to part of a SSWC05 T-shirt, Bike spoke was inserted in the head to give it support. The feet are the best......Pheasant! One foot is female and one is male - mixed matched.

Hair - Real hair dreadlocks from my daughter's head were inserted into a hole on top. Wooden beads attached to each one.

Clothing - Head wrap from old floral material. sarong from a print material with kids on mopeds or something and she used this material for putting her laptop on at college, wrap top was from a real fishing net with beads and some old jewelry.

Accessories - Left eye is a metal button held on with a safety pin and no right eye. Nose has her 1st pierced earring. Right deformed ear has her other 1st pierced earring. Necklace made from metal beads & hemp is part of a necklace she wore all the time and a mini chain cog bike like thing she found. Pierced to her side are some bike chain pieces made into dangling jewelry with beads, around her waist is an old anklet made of metal, beads, and silver bells which Kelsi had made at sometime and a little bracelet bell and bead bracelet.The sarong has a jewelry pin with beads to hold it together.

Even a hint of Rose Oil.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New York City & Commerce Five Boro Tour

Dagny - check out her blog, Kelsi, Zachary and me headed out to New York City early Saturday with the hopes of nice weather teetering on the edge of rain prediction for the largest recreational cycling event in America. We arrived at the Marriott Downtown Financial and got room 714 with a view to the harbor through buildings. From there, I knew everything would work out for us because it is a good luck number. We hit the pavement to SOHO and went to Gotham Bikes and several other places. The boys at Gotham remembered us the next day and Zachary had to have their LS bike Jersey! They remembered Dagny's UTERUS but forgot TWISTED. Then ventured the subway to Times Square and wound up at Yogee Noodle for supper. Later the kids went running on 40 stories of steps and ended on the roof with the security door wide open. They returned, after coaxing from Dagny we headed up. I was scared at the thought of how high up we were there and maybe not returning after seeing someone's clothing on the steps or whisked away by security
Sunday's start for the Commerce Bank Five Boro Bike Tour was actually the second area for toilets or so we thought was another start at Church and Park Place.Traveling through five boros on car free roads is the best way to see New York City.
Kelsi and I made "Chain Wheel Butts" flags which were attached to our helmets. More COWBELL ! We each had one attached to our handlebars and rang constantly on the bridge climbs. Many comments were had on each chain wheel flags and cowbells!!! The kids ditched us after Central Park and we met up on Staten Island (Zach flatted). They were done in 3:15 and we were about 3:50. We didn't have many hold ups with some crashes. Headed out on the town again - Little Italy gave me some Anscestor connections. Next time we will eat here BELLA.

On Monday, Dagny took us to Times Square and we rode the bike path and then maneuvered side streets - scary and took our bikes to the center median - way cool! We had to maneuver side streets to get to the Square and hang in the center of it ALL!