Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's on my mind!

Yogurt, granola, cheese, bread, wool socks, saw frozen venison, tissues, vitamin C, cold medicine

I am going to track my progress with this MICROFRACURE. Chondral Flap of a grade 4 and pits. It sounds like a rock band.

It all started around the third week of July when my SS daughter, Kelsi came home from college and we went for a ride at RB Winter State Park. I wanted to show her the trails Dagny and I were on weeks prior. I had new SPD bike shoes and they do not ride well on top of my Time pedals. Threfore I hyperextended my foot several ties for soe reason. During this ride my spokes also were broken. I wanted to walk back to the vehicle because I did not want to damaged my wheel with thoughts of Beau Daciuos tacos. Also, my knee was immediately swelling as I walked back to the car. I love going to the woods.........

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