Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lookout....Body is going to burst steroids

Trigger Point injections today. Dr asked, are you "Flighty"? I said, "No". I guess that warrants an allowance to drive myself home. I got seven shots (5 to the left & 2 to the right) to the posterior side of my neck in muscle spasms, one of them near my trapezoid. Dr and me are the only ones in the room. She applies pressure to my contraction nodules and marks with a purple x. I have to let her know as the needle is going in when she hits the spasm, I give the ok, then she releases the lidocaone and steriod into the muscle area. There is a pain pressure, especially to the ones on the side and direct back of the neck. MF(&$#*%G! No breaks.... I can endure the little needle of pain infliction. Enduring pain for many years. I have had much worse joint injections, in the cervical spine, shoulder AC joint, knees and feet.
I guess these are to last a few weeks...hopefully will be kosher for the 5 Boros Tour in NYC. Next appointment could turn to drugs..........
Update: During the early morning my injection areas became really sore. I feel like I got hit in the back of the neck with a 2 X 4. It could be because I am to rest for 24hrs but I got the broom and hose out and cleaned the front porch most of the evening.