Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008 10th Annual Shenandoah Mountain 100

There were 436 finishers out of 5XX registrants! Click Click Boom! There were quite a few previous racers that did not make it to this 2008 event. Harlan, Keith, Michelle, Ray A., Ray C., Buck, Harry, Paula, Jeremiah, Quadzilla and........

Gwadzilla rantings. Kelsi was so elated she got to meet him and got one up on me!

Overall results

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Saturday we drove most of the morning to get to Stokesville.

1st SM100 for Gunnar and Betsy?!!

Super volunteers and racer Chris Wurster 69 and Beth. Aloha pint glasses!

Registration and setup all evening with Jimbo, Lynn, Kelsi, Chris & Beth and a couple of others. Kerry Combs was welcome, which allowed us to get something to eat.

In the reg tent was Jon Meredith Scotland. He was at the SSWC08 flew across the states to attend the SM100. I remember this smiley pleasant fella from the W101 years ago and I don't know why.

Stayed with Lynn for the duration. I wish I had my camera when it was daytime pit stop to feed: It was like a FUNNYFARM !!!with 2 Colorful Roosters, 2 Llahmas, a long hair bull with bike bar ends on his horns , and a beautiful show horse and four cats.

Pre sunrise we headed to Station #1 in which I was "the manager", set up stuff at the campground for the finish, cut some stuff in the kitchen, go to station #5 to drop off sweeper bikes, Station #6 and found three riders going the wrong way, at the expense of local hoodlums with nothing else better to do.

Alex Kopko hanging there, evidently he has a class at SRU with Josh....hmm things are coincidental.

Each and every rider and their hellos keeps me going in my life venture.

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Hey Karin,
Nice to see you and family last weekend email me your mailing address (kcombs2 at gmail) Good luck to Kelsi with new school year !