Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update PETER FOLGNER post on January 14, 2011

Peter Folgner passed away on January 25, 2011.  I will respect and honor him the rest of my life and am blessed have been his friend in the world of Fencing.  I had wished when I wrote the entry on January 14, 2011 that there would be an autobiography on his life. I had a gut feeling that his life was soon ending and I do not like to think about such things because things "happen". I know there was a notebook around at the tournaments outlining his Fencing career.  He had so much in his life from Hitler Youth, Bombing of Dresden to Swordsmanship in other countries. He would speak about his German childhood from time to time.  He loved the smell of my vanilla musk lotion one time and he sure was charming! One day, I can remember him coming into the gym around Memorial Day 2003 and there was a dead silence. His stepson, Staff Sgt. Michael B. Quinn was killed in Iraq. He was deeply upset which one could see in his silent walk to his Fencing case which was always on the floor of the shiny wood strips on the west side of the gym. He told us to enjoy life that it would not be around for long. RIP...stern German man to those who did not show RESPECT...Touche.  Do not accept your touches! He made a mark on my life.

~Thanks to Ed Ploy for the video~


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin,

Thanks for this blog it helps! I'm Pete's Daughter Kirsten and would be happy to share more stories with you...

mark neuman said...

I knew Peter only towards the end of his coaching life, but his skills and example impress me still. When I suggested we have a banner for our fencing "salle" at the Donald Heiter Community Center in Lewisburg, I asked Peter to suggest a motto. I already had in mind something long and elaborate, but Peter dismissed my idea with his usual authority, and simply said two words: "Respect" and "Honor". Those are the words on our banner, and those are the words Peter Folgner lived by.

Mark Neuman