Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long Fun Weekend in Western PA with ShuShu & Bike Faerie

My shoulder started making great progress last week. So I decide to head out to SRU and pick up my daughter, Kelsi and head down to my old college mate's house, because my Kelsi was mountain bike racing at Brady's Run. My friend, Jen was so eager to have us prehike the trail. It was quite a steep climb in the beginning which had my lungs going on foot because Jen was in trail run mode and was getting so excited that she wanted to race like a mad woman going downhill. Hip surgery is looming for her next month. The trail was not real technical but it did seem to have a lot of wet log gardens and roots to send you off camber.

Next day was a repeat run with my lug butt to get before the racers and watch.
Kelsi on her rigid SS got Womens 3rd.

Jen and Frank certainly filled the weekend with hilarious toots of laughter. Kelsi was anxious to show us her BIKE FAERIE costume that she made out of various bike parts and leather. It is amazing. She modeled it for us up a tree and gliding on her bike.


Eiscycle said...

Hahahahaha, I look like Grandpa Abramo in the first picture!!

Karin said...

Italian eye stare!