Thursday, September 17, 2009

Limb Alienation for SAD/DCR Shoulder Surgery

Nerve Block needle stab to the side of my neck. Prep for Distal Clavicle Resection and Subacromial Decompression of the shoulder. Arm goes to sleep for the next 24 hours. Freaky...looking out the corner of my eye and I see a limb being held up in the air. Oh, it is my left arm, but how can it be mine floating in the air, because I do not feel it. Someone is picking up my arm and I did not know it. I fight to move it slightly but no brain connection to nerves responses. Anesthesiologists roll me to the OR with blurrness without my glasses down the hall. So excited, I hear Dr D's voice and look over towards his voice and blurt "HI Dr D!" We exchanged a few words and he says, "Good Luck". I am in the bright white OR with faces all around and I notice I have no side railing up. I feel protective of my limb and its whereabouts. I look to my left side and it is gone!!! I look down and it was dangling off the bed. It looked like Stretch Armstrong dangling drag on the OR floor with knuckles brushing the floor. I yelled, "Help, my arm has fallen!!" A nurse came running over to get it. The doctor was playing with my hair trying to get it to go under my cap. Out go the lights..........

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